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Just like you can’t jump in the same river twice, the design and concept studio Rlon understands itself as a dynamic entity, that is always transforming to find the best flow and highest synergy within its system. It is the studio’s aspiration to connect the dots in ever new ways in order to challenge our perspectives and find new interpretations.

To underline this attitude and tell the story on a visual level, the studio elaborated a graphical syntax by which the four letters R L O N can be arranged in ever changing constellations while following a basic grammar. Together with the creative coder Fal, they migrated this logic into an automated software. Based on their syntax he created a sophisticated algorithm that tenderly plays with the four letters and creates unique graphical compositions.

The tweaking of a few adjustable parameters like line characteristics, colors and probabilities, leads to a literally endless variety of compositions. The probability to experience the same piece twice amounts to just under 5.4E18.