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Black Mirror – OSFC


Mehr Bilder…

Analoge Selfie-Video-Verzerrung in Echtzeit

Der Black Mirror ist ein modulares System aus analogen Verzerrungseffekten, welches erstmals im Rahmen der Adobe Remix Reihe auf der Adobe Max Creativity Conference 2017 in Las Vegas vorgestellt wurde.

Für den Open Source Festival Congress 2018 in Düsseldorf ist der Black Mirror zu einer interaktiven Video Booth erweitert worden: Mittels einer Fernbedienung ist der Besucher in der Lage, nicht nur Schriftzeichen und Symbole, sondern auch das eigene Gesicht live zu verzerren.

Dabei sind die Methoden des Black Mirrors rein analog: Soundwellen, eine Seifenmembran, Öltropfen oder simples Rütteln lassen den Besucher beim Blick in den Black Mirror ganz neue Seiten an sich entdecken.

Thomas Wirtz
Frédéric Wiegand


Aeskulap Pharmacy Packaging

Aeskulap_ packaging design products_3

Mehr Bilder…

Aeskulap is a pharmacy based in Germany. For their own medical product manufacturing they needed a simple but unique rebranding of their packaging. The logo already existed but had not enough elements to brand the complete line of products they have. So the task was to work on simple and affordable solutions to give the identity a new strength. The product line has three main groups: pharmaceutical products, herbal candy and herbal teas. Each group has its own characteristics but also fit together in the brand appearance.

One ad and four clean product shots and have been created for the product. The concept of the shoot was to create a very clean and medical feeling with a touch of herbs and nature. The fine line herbal illustrations have been incorporated into the clean shots in a very clever way in the post production. ​The soft light in combination with natural materials and plants represent perfectly the sophisticated but personal image of the products.

Lilly Friedeberg

Marc Oortman

Set Designer
Alessia Sistori and Lilly Friedeberg


Stop Gambling with Your Marketing and Go Pro with Tips from Ten Pubcon Pro Speakers

In the fast paced world of search and digital marketing, what separates amateurs from professionals often comes down one simple distinction: marketing as a gamble or marketing as a planned, measured and iteratively optimized discipline.

There are far too many marketing campaigns being implemented simply because “that’s how we’ve always done it”, as a reaction to the competition and as a limitation of the in-house team tasked with execution. Professional marketers go beyond wishful thinking and hopes of “better luck next time”.

So, what does it mean to be a “professional”?

Being a professional in any industry represents a combination of characteristics including:

  • Specialized knowledge
  • Competency
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • AccountabilitySelf-Regulation

Marketing professionals represent these things and more:

  • Creativity
  • Analytical Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills

If you want more marketing success, it takes a shift in perspective, an effort to expand your knowledge and awareness of what’s possible.

There are few “sure things” in marketing, but one thing you can count on is the value of the expertise and advice from the group of 10 expert marketers contributing to the Marketers Go Pro ebook we developed for the Pubcon Pro conference in Las Vegas happening in a few weeks. We polled the keynote and main stage speakers for their best advice based on the presentations they will be giving at the conference. I’m one of those main stage speakers, so I contributed as well.

Here’s a list of the marketing experts who contributed and a taste of the insights you’ll find inside the ebook:

Joe Pulizzi
The formula for building a loyal audience looks like this:
– Identify your sweet spot
– Find your content tilt
– Build your base
– Harvest your audience
– Diversify
– Monetize (Tweet this)
Joe Pulizzi, @JoePulizzi
Founder, Content Marketing Institute, Co-Founder, The Orange Effect Foundation

Debra Jasper
“Today’s clients and colleagues have an eight second attention span. Eight seconds. To break through the noise, you must communicate with more power, clarity and impact.” (Tweet this)
Debra Jasper @DebraJasper
Founder & CEO, Mindset Digital

Aleyda Solis
“Expand your Web reach and diversify your business by targeting an international audience, but avoid launching in too many markets, choosing the wrong web structure or not effectively localizing.” (Tweet this)
Aleyda Solis
International SEO Consultant & Founder, Orainti

Lee Odden
“By building internal credibility, activating customers, creating a content collaboration ecosystem and working with influencers, Marketing can improve credibility, influence and trust.” (Tweet this)
Lee Odden @leeodden
CEO, TopRank Marketing

Purna Virji
“When it comes to optimizing the customer experience, design for conversation from the start. Remember, the most important thing for the user is convenience.” (Tweet this)
Purna Virji
Sr. Manager, Global Engagement at Microsoft

Roger Dooley
“Want a higher conversion rate and customer loyalty? Make it easier to do business with you. Reducing friction in every interaction is the path to getting and keeping more customers.” (Tweet this)
Roger Dooley
Founder, Dooley Direct

Bill Hunt
“To be successful in SEO we must adapt to and embrace the evolving search engine landscape in both the SERPS and in our organizations.” (Tweet this)
Bill Hunt
President, Back Azimuth Consulting

Eric Enge
“Is SEO dead? Whole new worlds of challenges and opportunities exist for SEO because of Google’s 2018 algorithm changes, mobile dominance, speed, and voice.” (Tweet this)
Eric Enge
General Manager, Perficient Digital

Joe Laratro
“To stay at the top of the SERPs you need an SEO diet of analytics for crucial data, structure fixes, content optimization, link building and tools to gauge results.” (Tweet this)
Joe Laratro
President, Tandem Interactive

Scott Monty
“Customers want experiences that are more about them and their needs. To increase customer retention, marketers can use date to deliver on more personal experiences.” (Tweet this)
Scott Monty
Principal, Scott Monty Strategies

To see the full text of our experts‘ advice, check out the full ebook below. You’ll also find the details of when, where and what their keynote and main stage presentations will be about.

Besides me, TopRank Marketing will have several team members attending and liveblogging at the Pubcon Pro conference including our agency social content manager, Lane Ellis and senior account manager, Tiffani Allen. You can follow them at @lanerellis and @tiffani_allen as well as our agency tweets during the event at @toprank.

We hope to see you there!

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Stop Gambling with Your Marketing and Go Pro with Tips from Ten Pubcon Pro Speakers |

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How to make the most of internal linking for higher rankings and improved organic search visibility

Jetoctopus Link Explorer

An internal link is a hyperlink pointing to a page within the same domain. Internal linking is crucially important for both website rankings and usability:

  • Internal links allow users to conveniently navigate around the website (i.e. in order to complete a purchase, learn more about a product or read about your business)
  • Internal links allows crawlers discover more of your site pages, even those that have no external backlinks (especially important ones)
  • Internal links are thought* to improve each given page authority (Google puts some emphasis on the signal: The more internal links a page has, the more internal authority it is supposed to have).

*This has never been officially confirmed by Google (unless I missed the announcement) but we’ve seen web pages doing considerably better once we add internal in-links pointing to it, so let’s say this one is an educated theories backed by multiple experiments.

Now, the question is however how to use internal links correctly. Let’s see…

1. Internal Linking Basics and Best Practices

I won’t repeat what Rand said in this Whiteboard Friday video because I agree with most (all?) points. But let me recap:

  • Well-structured navigation is crucial both for user experience and crawling… however
  • In-content internal links (links embedded within meaningful context) seem to carry more weight for rankings
  • Google is believed to give the least importance to footer links
  • Internal anchor text does matter. This has almost been confirmed by a Googler. That said, if you target specific queries for a specific page, use descriptive keyword-focused (but meaningful) keyword links when linking to that page (when that makes sense). However stay away from always using exact-match anchor text, as it may seem unnatural.
  • If there are two internal links to the same page on one page, only top anchor text seems to matter to Google
  • Google seems to like text links more than image links with an alt text
  • Generally, the more in-links a page has, the better its rankings (this is easy to test: Just pick a page on your site and start linking to it consistently. You are likely to see it moving up in SERPs)

2. Analyzing and Evaluating the Internal Link Structure

Surprisingly, given the amount of weight SEOs put on internal linking, there are not many tools that allow you to see internal structure clearly. Yes, there a few powerful crawling solutions including this free one as well as one of my favorite ones Screaming Frog.

But there’s no easy way to analyze how each specific landing page is linked to throughout the site.

Jet Octopus solves that problem by introducing Linking Explorer feature. Crawl your site using Jet Octopus and open the Linking Explorer section (Behind “Explorer” link in the navigation). From there you can provide the URL of your (or your competitor’s) landing page to see how exactly it is linked to from other pages on the site.

I love the section of the report that shows in-linking anchor text. This gives you a great insight:

  • If you are doing enough optimizing your internal anchor text (or if you are over-optimizing things to the point where it looks a bit ridiculous / unnatural)
  • What keywords your competitors want to rank each specific rankings for

3. Using Structured Data for Internal Linking

Apart from anchor text, there’s a more beautiful way to signal Google of your internal structure by linking:

Some of properties have been confirmed by Google as impacting the way they interpret websites (at least the way the page look when listed in SERPs). Others are presumably helping, because, as confirmed by Google, structured data in general helps Google understand websites better and it may even be a ranking factor.

So when using internal linking which properties can be implemented?

1. /BreadcrumbList

Google says marking up breadcrumbs using is one of the enhancement tools that could positively influence your website’s organic visibility and engagement (i.e. click-through)

  • The markup helps Google understand the website’s hierarchy better
  • /BreadcrumbList markup helps Google generate breadcrumbs-like format of the URL structure which is more appealing and may increase click-through


[Indicate the position of each URL in the site’s hierarchy using BreadcrumbList]

There are a variety of WordPress plugins allowing you to easily implement the markup, including this one.

2. Authorship

Even though Google’s authorship has been discontinued (meaning authors are no longer highlighted in search results), that experiment revealed two things:

That being said, making their life easier never hurts, so marking up internal bio links using is a smart idea.

3. /ListItem

Another way to stand out is search is getting intro those search carousals. Officially, Google supports list format for the following content types: Recipe, Film, Course, Article. However, as they confirm, this list is ever growing, so marking up your product lists is not a bad idea.

Google Carousels

[Here is an example of a list from a single website shown in a carousel]

4. Reviews!

Reviews get huge SERPs visibility. It’s one of the oldest rich snippets Google has been experimenting with and today Google supports a variety of types, including “including businesses, products, and different creative works such as books or movies. ” Here’s a solid collection of WordPress plugins for each supported type depending on what it is you are doing. All of the plugins in that list are

Google recommends using whenever you want to point them to the page with the full review.


5. More!

Again, whether Google is currently supporting a certain type or not, it’s always worth thinking “What else should I do to help them understand your site easier”

Besides, Google has stated it many times that they are working on supporting new and new schema properties including FAQ and HOW-to (just recently). So whenever you are working on creating or editing pages, consider properties that make sense there. For example, you can:

  • Point to your About page using
  • You can link to your home page using whenever you are publishing a new content asset, etc.

What internal linking tactics are you using to maximize your website’s organic visibility? Please share in the comments!


Digital Marketing News: Adobe’s $4.75B Marketo Buy, Google’s 20th Anniversary Neural Matching, & Facebook Lets Pages Join Groups

Adobe’s $4.75 Billion Purchase of Marketo Will Boost Its Ability to Compete With Salesforce
In its biggest purchase ever, Adobe has acquired Marketo, shoring up its B2B footprint and giving a vote of confidence to the marketing technology industry. AdWeek

Google Begins Using Neural Matching to Understand Synonyms, Impacting 30% of Queries
For its twentieth anniversary, Google has rolled out an array of new features, including neural matching artificial intelligence, mobile updates, and search changes including Activity Cards, announced at the company’s two-decade celebratory event. Search Engine Journal

Facebook Will Now Allow Pages to Join Facebook Groups
Facebook has allowed certain Pages to join, comment on, and otherwise interact with Groups, a new test that could lead to filling a need expressed by some digital marketers. Social Media Today

Report: Digital now makes up 51% of US ad spending
Led by search, video, and social, digital has for the first time topped the overall ad spend market, according to data from a new study by Magna. Marketing Land

5 Key Benefits of Word of Mouth [Infographic]
A look at the staying power of word-of-mouth recommendations in digital advertising, spurred by the release of a new book by noted marketers Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin. Social Media Today

Most B2B Marketers Report Positive ROI… If They Know What It Is.
44 percent of some 400 B2B marketers surveyed for Bizible’s new State of Pipeline Marketing report noted they’re unsure of what their average marketing return on investment (ROI) is, among several other study findings. MarketingCharts

2018 September 28 News Statistics Image

Instagram co-founders resign in latest Facebook executive exit
Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger resigned on Monday, the firm announced. The moves follow other recent big-name departures from Facebook-owned services including WhatsApp. How will the departures of its co-founders change Instagram, and what will the two do next? Reuters

What’s driving B2B buyers to e-commerce
A look at shifting e-commerce patterns in the B2B landscape, and how they are affecting what is a $900 billion market in the U.S. alone, as B2B buyers do more total online purchasing. DigitalCommerce360

Google’s Data Studio is now generally available
Google Data Studio, the firm’s data visualization and reporting tool grouped within its Google Marketing Platform, has graduated from beta status and become available to all. Google Marketing Platform

How Marketers Can Be Strategic Influencers, and Why Their Input Is Key for Companies [Infographic]
An infographic look at some of the benefits of making sure that marketing is included at the highest levels of strategic planning. MarketingProfs


2018 September 28 Marketoonist Cartoon

A lighthearted look at 360-Degree Customer View by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

Here are all of Google’s 20th anniversary Easter eggs — TechCrunch


  • Lee Odden — Content Marketing World 2018 – Conference Report — Peter Krmpotic
  • Lee Odden — Influencer Marketing: It has changed, have you? — Marcy Massura
  • Lee Odden — Tune in October 3 to catch Lee Odden speaking at the AMA Digital Marketing Virtual Conference — AMA

What are some of your top content marketing news items this week?

Thanks for joining us, and we hope you’ll check in again next week for a new selection of the most relevant digital marketing industry news, and in the meantime you can follow us at @toprank on Twitter for even more timely daily news. Also, don’t miss the full video summary on our TopRank Marketing TV YouTube Channel.

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Digital Marketing News: Adobe’s $4.75B Marketo Buy, Google’s 20th Anniversary Neural Matching, & Facebook Lets Pages Join Groups |

The post Digital Marketing News: Adobe’s $4.75B Marketo Buy, Google’s 20th Anniversary Neural Matching, & Facebook Lets Pages Join Groups appeared first on Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®.