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Top 5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing for B2B Brands

Benefits B2B influencer marketing

Benefits B2B influencer marketing

Despite that 96% of marketers engaging influencers for marketing deem their programs successful, there are still a very large number of B2B companies evaluating where influencer engagement fits in their marketing mix.

After spending the last 8 plus years working on developing influencer marketing strategies, creating pilot projects, implementing campaigns and running ongoing influencer programs for brands that range from 3M to Dell to LinkedIn, here are some of the top benefits B2B companies of all sizes are realizing through their influencer marketing efforts.

Before I get to the list, I think it’s important to mention that benefits realized are directly connected to goals imagined. That may seem obvious but the application of influence to marketing is viewed in many different ways and therefore, the outcomes can be just as different.

For example, a pilot is often meant to be a proof of concept and sparks connections with influencers.

An integrated influencer content marketing campaign that runs over several months and across channels produces a lot of useful content and helps identify which influencers are effective.

An Always-On approach over time develops a rich source of content and relationships with influencers which can accelerate the quality and promotion of the content by influencers as well as organic advocacy.

So the benefits B2B brands can realize from incorporating influence into their marketing mix really depends on the approach. Here’s a list of 5 of the most common and impactful benefits of working with external and internal influencers at B2B companies:

1. Influencers add credibility and authenticity to brand content

Properly identifying the topics that matter to customers that the brand needs to be more influential about leads to finding people who already have the desired influence. Collaborating with experts that are respected authorities on the topics of influence produces content, communications and often advocacy that is believable, is empathetic to the concerns and goals of real customers and is trusted by the audience the brand is trying to reach.

2. Influencers partnered with executives build brand thought leadership

Connecting external influencers with internal executives to collaborate on content, video conversations, virtual events and similar exchanges of ideas can validate key leadership messages of the brand. Whether it’s running a webinar discussing the findings of the brand’s most recent research or whitepaper to conducting a series of livestream video or podcast interviews between key executives and external influencers, connecting trusted industry voices with brand messaging can drive credibility, differentiation and leadership.

3. Influencers can co-create better content experiences for customers

According to research in the State of B2B Influencer Marketing Report, 74% of B2B marketers believe that collaborating on content with influencers helps improve the experience for prospects and customers.

An increasing number of professional influencers in the B2B world bring both expertise as well as media creation savvy. That means the ability to produce video content, podcast content or graphical and text content that is in tune with customer expectations for more experiential content that the brand might not have the resources to produce.

Alternatively, even if the B2B brand has the resources to create great video, audio, graphical and text content, adding influencer contributions „optimizes“ for credibility and authenticity, which is a better experience than brand content simply pontificating its importance.

4. Influencers accelerate content production, promotion and impact

When effectively designed and planned, an influencer engagement effort can create a community of influence that the brand can tap for a variety of content creation efforts. Imagine having a group of 10, 25 or as in the case of LinkedIn or Adobe, 60-75 industry experts on-tap to engage on content projects?

Developing a community of influencers means creating genuine relationships between the brand and influencers based on mutual benefit and shared values. Not only does an engaged community of influencers help create content, but they are invested in the success of content distribution and impact because it benefits their own interests and that of their audience.

The reputation influencers develop on the topics of influence means trust when it matters most – making decisions about which B2B solutions to consider, evaluate and purchase.

5. Influencer collaborations can help optimize brand content for search

There is a compelling connection between the topics and keywords that people search on when looking for solutions and the topics around which industry experts are influential.

Optimizing content with keywords is at the core of improving the findability of brand content on search engines. Including influencers on those same topics in the content is a way of optimizing for credibility. What good is being found in search if people don’t trust what they find?

Going a bit deeper into the influence and SEO connection, marketers could consider whether the influencers they are working with are recognized as entities within Google search results. When those same influencers contribute to content published by the brand, their identity imparts credibility and relevance for search.

Another consideration is to evaluate the SEO effectiveness of where influencers publish – their own blog, contributed articles or columns with industry publications and elsewhere online. What is the Domain Authority of where the influencer publishes and do the links they include in their content carry weight? Does the influencer’s content „rank“ on search engines for the topics the brand wants to be more influential about? Is the influencer creating the kind of content that ranks? Video, audio, images, text, scholarly articles, books, etc.

The SEO value of working with an influencer is not universally true across topics, but with some due diligence and research, some very valuable opportunities could be uncovered and relationships built to help brand content become findable and credible at the very moment customers are looking.

Of course this is not a comprehensive list of benefits for B2B brand to work with influencers, but it is a compelling list. While many B2B marketers may skim the surface of what’s possible from working with influencers, those who can look a little deeper can find tremendous upside and value that not only accelerates the impact and effectiveness of marketing for short term campaigns, but for longer term brand and thought leadership perception in the industry.

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David Moses – Silly Symphonies Series

Mehr Bilder…

In a drawing process of overlays of up to 30 layers, David Moses approaches his Silly Symphonies Series motifs, based on Walt Disney’s cartoon series from 1929–1939. In an impulsive dance, compositions full of existential content and primal human fears emerge.

The book is the stage for the dynamic, explosive works. The proportions correspond to the film format of 4:5, and a linen cover references the coarse, unprimed canvas used; the print on matte uncoated paper hints at the chalky structures of David Moses‘ works.

Hardcover, 26 × 29,5 cm, 172 pages, German/English, ISBN 978-3-95476-143-2
Editor Russi Klenner, Published by Distanz Verlag

Neue Gestaltung

Pit Stenkhoff
Nina Odzinieks


Schönheit mit System – Leporello

Mehr Bilder…

Jedes Jahr bringt Kettnaker neue Entwicklungen auf den Möbelmarkt. Dafür sollte eine Neuheiten-Broschüre her, die – handlich und hochwertig – Händlern zur Übersicht und Kundinnen und Kunden zur Inspiration für ihre Wohnräume dient.

Aus der Broschüre wurde in den Händen des Atelier 522 ein Leporello mit Panoramacharakter. Über 2 Meter Länge kann man vor aller Augen die Bandbreite der Möbel und Stile im wahrsten Wortsinn entfalten. Oder wie in einem Buch darin blättern. Die intelligente Falzung macht es möglich.

Atelier 522


B2B Marketing News: B2B Video Completion Rates, US Ad Spend Soars, Google’s New Starline 3D Chat, & What Makes A Brand Meaningful

2021 May 28 MarketingCharts Chart

2021 May 28 MarketingCharts ChartTwitter Re-Opens Public Applications for Profile Verification
For the first time since November, 2017 Twitter has begun allowing users to apply for verified profile status. As the new option is rolled out, a verification application option will appear within a Twitter user’s account settings, allowing brands to seek a blue check-mark, the firm recently announced. Social Media Today

Google Ads Has New Smart Bidding Features
Google has launched new eligible search campaign recommendations, along with target impression share simulators — two of several new updates of interest to digital marketers that have been rolled out to the firm’s popular Google Ads offering, the search giant recently announced. SEO Roundtable

U.S. Ad Recovery Continues To Soar, Surges 52% In April
April 2021 advertising spending was up 52 percent in the U.S. year-over-year, the biggest increase in more than a year, and this recovery has also been seen in more ad spending categories than previous months, according to recently-released ad spending index data. MediaPost

LinkedIn introduces Event Ads and “boosted” posts
LinkedIn (client) has made new post promotion features available from brand pages and rolled out a slew of new event advertising and analytics options, including custom streaming and mobile page analytics, the Microsoft-owned platform recently announced. Search Engine Land

What B2B Firms Use Marketing Agencies For
31 percent of B2B firms utilize marketing agencies for brand mission, vision, and values initiatives, while 22 percent use agencies for brand purpose strategy — two of several statistics of interest to online marketers in newly-released survey data. MarketingProfs

Instagram now shows creators how well their live videos and Reels are doing
Facebook-owned Instagram has launched an update that reveals more data about the performance of live videos and short-form Reels content, with shares, saves, likes, plays, and comments among newly-available metrics data, the firm recently announced. Engadget

2021 May 28 Statistics ImageTwitter Tests New ‚Super Followers‘ Display Ahead of Program Launch
Twitter has begun testing more visible integration of its forthcoming super followers feature — which allows creators to offer subscription-only bonus content on the platform — with a new super follower count likely to appear alongside traditional account follower numbers, the firm has announced. Social Media Today

Havas Finds Growing Consumer ‚Cynicism,‘ Only 25% Of Brands Even Matter
Some 39 percent of brands are trusted by U.S. consumers, while consumers say that they don’t care about 75 percent of brands, a slight decrease from 2019’s 77 percent, according to recently-released brand meaningfulness survey data of interest to digital marketers. MediaPost

Analysis: Google’s Starline shows promise and perils of 3D chats
Google launched its Project Starline 3D videoconferencing offering recently, its latest foray into the mixed reality communication realm, and Reuters has shared a look at some of the early impressions of the Google project. Reuters

2020 Business Video Completion Rates and Other Benchmarks
58 percent of business videos under one minute in length are viewed completely, while only 24 percent of those over 20 minutes long are watched in their entirety — two of several statistics of interest to digital marketers contained in recently-released survey data of some 760,000 business videos. MarketingCharts


2021 May 28 Marketoonist Comic

A lighthearted look at the “creative brief” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

Man’s Cell Phone Disagrees That Alexa Is Listening to Him — Hard Drive


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From Finesse To Zest: 25 Powerful Qualities That Elevate Your B2B Marketing

Campers by tent under the stars pondering better B2B marketing

Campers by tent under the stars pondering better B2B marketing

Which qualities encompass the best that B2B marketing has to offer?

Are there overlapping elements that bring success to both our professional and personal lives?

How can you bring more of these qualities into your own marketing efforts?

From a seemingly endless compilation of possible traits held by successful marketers, some naturally work their way to the forefront over time, yet aren’t often explored.

To help answer these questions, let’s take a look at five powerful qualities that we can combine to drive not only the best B2B marketing experiences, but that we can also harness and learn from to make us better associates, business partners, and people.

For each, we’ll also offer five ways you can add more of them to your own marketing — a total of 25 ways to add more determination, poise, kindness, zest, and finesse to your B2B marketing experiences.

1 — Marketing with Determination

Woman rock climber scaling vertical wall.Marketing with determination springs from a passionate will power — a sometimes fierce or all-encompassing resolve that may be personified by sisu, the Finnish art of inner strength.

When it comes to this kind of determination, some say you either have it or you don’t, yet even the most driven B2B marketers can make a mindful effort to bring more of this passion to our work.

Here are five ways to do so.

To Add More Determination to Your Marketing:

  • Visualize the efforts necessary to break through barriers
  • Market as a marathon and not as a sprint
  • Bring your passions into your marketing
  • Focus on each of the short-term goals that will combine to long-term success
  • Embrace multiple angles for showing your marketing vision

[bctt tweet=““Marketing with determination springs from a passionate will power — a sometimes fierce or all-encompassing resolve that may be personified by sisu, the Finnish art of inner strength.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis“ username=“toprank“]

2 — Marketing with Poise

Orchestra conductor image.Marketing with poise stems from a certain variety of level-headedness, bringing a calm and graceful presence for whatever work is at hand.

Whether it’s managing teams of hundreds or thousands, or crafting any form of digital deliverables, marketing with poise raises the overall level of quality on any project.

We can cultivate some of the aspects that comprise poise. Here are five ways to start the journey.

To Add More Poise to Your Marketing:

  • The calming elements of your personal life can also work wonders to steady your professional presence
  • Practice the art of being humble and level-headed in the face of adversity
  • Focus on enhancing the essence of a marketing effort that sets it apart from the competition
  • Take comfort in the preparation you’ve done and the unique experience you bring to the marketing table
  • Accept and learn from setbacks and move on with grace and dignity

[bctt tweet=““Marketing with poise stems from a certain variety of level-headedness, bringing a calm and graceful presence for whatever work is at hand.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis“ username=“toprank“]

3 — Marketing with Kindness

Smiling girl on lawn holding a heart-shaped earth image.Marketing with kindness offers us the chance to empathize with differing viewpoints and methods, and to bring genuine compassion and concern to any situation we encounter in our busy daily lives as marketers.

Whether through seemingly small gestures or mighty acts of warm sentiment and respect, marketing with kindness has a powerful effect on our lives.

Through slight adjustments we can increase the amount of kindness we broadcast out into the world — here are just a few ways to start.

To Add More Kindness to Your Marketing:

  • Make a conscious effort to empathize in all your communication
  • Ask yourself whether your actions would have the ring of truth to your own mother, grandmother, or even Mr. Rogers
  • Remember that an initial meeting with a new client or colleague will often lead to partnerships or friendships that can last decades
  • Recognize and address your weaknesses and shortcomings
  • Find and follow the goodness in your marketing efforts

[bctt tweet=““Marketing with kindness offers us the chance to empathize with differing viewpoints and methods, and to bring genuine compassion and concern to any situation we encounter in our busy daily lives as marketers.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis“ username=“toprank“]

4 — Marketing with Zest

Smiling woman with a zest for B2B marketing image.Marketing with zest adds that “wow” factor — the type that brings unbounded zeal and enthusiasm to all our daily interactions.

Zest brings delight to all our journeys, and a certain joyful eagerness in whatever marketing adventure we may currently be working on.

It can also be one of the most difficult qualities to find, however it can be nurtured.

Here are five ways to bring some Z2Z — zest to zeal — into your B2B marketing.

To Add More Zest to Your Marketing:

  • Change up a marketing environment that’s grown stale by adding new sights, sounds, scents, and tactile surroundings that rejuvenate and restore joy in your professional adventures
  • Bring more of your unique qualities and strong points to your marketing efforts
  • If you now find yourself with hybrid or remote work options, embrace them to the fullest by trying new work environments
  • Seek out potential collaborations with people you deeply admire
  • Identify the areas of your marketing life present the biggest challenges, and map out ways to infuse each with a sense of delight

[bctt tweet=““Marketing with zest adds that ‚wow‘ factor — the type that brings unbounded zeal and enthusiasm to all our daily interactions.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis“ username=“toprank“]

5 — Marketing with Finesse

Colorful diverse finger prints image.Marketing with finesse enters the realm of the skillfully gentle touch. It’s also a quality possessed by people who seem to have a subtle knack for understated polish in all of their communications, management, and creative endeavors.

Marketing finesse shows a sophisticated understanding of the audience and an ability to smoothly pivot, when necessary.

Encourage your own marketing finesse by considering the following five ideas.

To Add More Finesse to Your Marketing:

  • Don’t bring a brute-force tree shredder to trim delicate orchids ; use your experience to choose the right tool for the marketing job at hand
  • Practice marketing diplomacy in your teamwork, whether internal or client-facing
  • Be generous in sharing your skills and time
  • Go the extra mile to show your gratitude
  • Strive to mentor and teach the next generations of marketing professionals, and continue your own lifelong learning

[bctt tweet=““Marketing with finesse enters the realm of the skillfully gentle touch, held by people who seem to have a subtle knack for understated polish in all of their communications, management, and creative endeavors.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis“ username=“toprank“]

Beautiful & Bold B2B Marketing Go Hand In Hand


When we allow the powerful qualities of determination, poise, kindness, zest, and finesse to join hands and unite, truly beautiful B2B marketing experiences spring to life.

Thanks for coming along on this introductory journey to better B2B marketing through heartfelt qualities we can all work to experience more of in our lives.

Contact us today and find out why top brands from LinkedIn and Dell to SAP and Oracle have chosen TopRank Marketing to create award-winning B2B marketing.

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