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Mehr Bilder…

Die Reisebank hat sich über die Jahre als Marktführer für Reisegeld und Fremdwährungen in Deutschland etabliert und ist heute der ausgewiesene Bargeld-Experte innerhalb der DZ BANK Gruppe und damit der genossenschaftlichen Finanzgruppe.

Mit der schrittweisen Erweiterung des Geschäftsfeldes und Angebotes der Reisebank – über reisenahe Services hinaus, wurde das Potential einer gezielten Aufwertung und Modernisierung des Auftritts offensichtlich – auch um zukünftig besonders anspruchsvolle Zielgruppen z.B. mit einem differenzierten Edelmetall-Angebot überzeugend ansprechen zu können.

Vor dem Hintergrund dieser Veränderungen kam das bisherige, über die Jahre gewachsene Erscheinungsbild der Reisebank ästhetisch, funktional und inhaltlich an seine Grenzen, weshalb GABC mit der gezielten Schärfung von Markenpositionierung und Design der Reisebank mandatiert wurde.

Neben der inhaltlichen Neupositionierung wurde im Rahmen der Markenstrategie auch die formale Organisation der verschiedenen Angebotsbereiche der Reisebank neu organisiert. Diese werden zukünftig je nach inhaltlicher Anforderung und erforderlichem Freiheitsgrad entweder als Submarken nah an der Reisebank oder eigenständige Endorsed-Brands geführt.

Ziel der Design-Evolution der Reisebank war eine spürbare, mutige Verjüngung im Markenauftritt, mit dem Anspruch als Marke zugänglicher, nahbarer und sympathischer aufzutreten.

Die Reisebank als vertraute Anlaufstelle und Begleiter mobiler Menschen präsentiert sich heute übergreifend mit einem der wohl modernsten Erscheinungsbilder in der deutschen Bankenlandschaft.


B2B Marketing News: B2B Marketers Turn To Predictive, Twitter Adds New Analytics, & More Young Marketers Are Buying Via Smartphone

2021 November 26 MarketingCharts Chart

2021 November 26 MarketingCharts ChartB2B Mobile Mania: Young Staffers Use Smartphones To Buy Business Products
53 percent of B2B buyers in the Gen Z demographic say they use their smartphones when researching and buying for business, and once a purchase has been made 50 percent see brand newsletters as very important — two of several insights of interest to digital marketers contained in recently-released survey data. MediaPost

The Behaviors and Attitudes of U.S. Adults on Twitter [Pew Study]
Some 69 percent of adult U.S. Twitter users say they utilize the platform to stay informed, with 45 percent looking to express their opinion, some of the findings contained in newly-released Pew Research Center study data examining Twitter usage. Pew Research

Twitter Launches Updated Tweet Analytics Card, Providing More Specific Performance Insight
Twitter has rolled out new tweet engagement metric data, including a variety of insights on profile visits, media views, new follower counts, link clicks and more, all featured in the social platform’s latest analytics update, Twitter recently announced. Social Media Today

The Marketing Trends of 2022 [The Ultimate Guide] [HubSpot Report]
Influencer marketing was the leading marketing specialty that marketers plan to invest in during 2022, with 46 percent of those already using influencers saying they plan to increase spending on influencer marketing next year, according to newly-released report data from HubSpot, also showing that 56 percent of marketers who invest in working with influencers work with micro-influencers who have less than 100,000 followers. HubSpot

2021 November 26 Statistics ImageThe New Business Climate for Marketing Agencies in 2021
A majority of agency executives have said that 2021 has provided more new business opportunities than last year, and that business from existing clients has been the most effective way for generating business — two of several statistics of interest to online marketers contained in recently-released survey data. MarketingProfs

App Annie predicts TikTok to reach 1.5 billion active users in 2022
Gen Z mobile app users are expected to increase their financial involvement by 160 percent through the use of financial apps such as Coinbase and Robinhood, according to newly-released forecast data from app ranking firm Ann Annie, which also predicts that 2022 will see TikTok surpassing the 1.5 billion user mark. ZDNet

Instagram adds TikTok-like Text-to-Speech and Voice Effects tools to Reels
Facebook-owned Instagram has brought greater accessibility features to its Reels short-form vertical video format, with the roll-out of new text-to-speech and vocal effect tools, giving marketers additional options for reaching broader audiences with the format, Instagram recently announced. TechCrunch

Brands Say They’ve Recovered From The Pandemic, But Risks Persist, Experian Reports
74 percent of brands have incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) tools, a five percent jump from 2020, and 59 percent of organizations have mostly or completely weathered the pandemic storm, according to recently-released survey data of interest to digital marketers. MediaPost

Consumers Increase Their Video Use While Email Is Flat: Study
60 percent of consumers worldwide have said that they are utilizing more video chatting to communicate with businesses in 2021 than they did last year, while some 47 percent have increased their use of digital communication formats for engaging with organizations, according to newly-released survey data. MediaPost

How Are B2B Marketers Going About Building ABM Target Account Lists?
When it comes to how B2B marketers plan to grow their account-based-marketing (ABM) account lists, a leading 52 percent said that predictive data will be tops, followed by technographic, behavioral, and intent-signal data, while sales team-selected and firmographic data top the list of types currently in-use, according to recently-released survey data. MarketingCharts


2021 November 26 Marketoonist Comic Image

A lighthearted look at the “black friday & holiday shopping” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

Instagram asks suspected bots to verify themselves with video selfies — The Verge


  • Lee Odden — 5 Questions 4: Understanding influencer marketing and why it’s important for B2B companies with Lee Odden — Demandbase
  • LEX Markets — A Harlem office building heads to an IPO — Crain’s New York
  • Lee Odden — Membership Update Fall 2021 [Digital Marketing Institute] — Digital Marketing Institute

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Google AdSense Guide: increase earnings and escape low CPC

30-second summary:

  • There are many factors that affect your AdSense performance right from content quality, ad placements, media selection, and so on
  • High traffic doesn’t directly indicate high earnings, in fact, some of your practices may be equivalent to handing out money to your competition
  • Here are six informed steps to help you earn more from AdSense

Throughout this guide, you’ll learn how to increase your Google AdSense earnings by making some very simple changes and by following a few simple tips. In my personal experience, this can help skyrocket your AdSense CPC and results can increase your AdSense earnings by more than five times.

Your aim and objective throughout should be to gradually increase your AdSense CPC and CTR little by little and by following these simple tips you are bound to see results.

Don’t forget to keep on testing and your AdSense earnings will surely increase over time. Just don’t give up quickly!

1. Content is king on the internet and also on AdSense

The reason content is placed at the top of all the other tips is because it is the single most important rule to follow on your journey through SEO and internet marketing. It is the first thing your visitors, advertisers, and bots (ad bots and crawl bots) will notice after coming to your webpage.

If you are providing your users with low quality or outdated content, Google will rate your website much lower and your CPC (the bids advertisers make to appear on your website) will greatly fall. This can also get you smart-priced, even if you generate quality traffic on low-quality content.

So remember, always provide your readers and visitors with something unique and worthwhile which will actually acknowledge rather than something which has already been posted on a thousand other websites.

2. Ad sizes and placements are decisive

Do not neglect the placement and size of your Google AdSense ads as they play an important into delivering a better user experience and thus, improving your AdSense earnings.

“While creating ad sizes and placements, user experience and ad viewability should be the center focus”, explained SEO expert Boris Dzhingarov, in an email interview.

“Some placements and ad sizes will disrupt users, particularly if they’re covering content. Others, however, will fail miserably as the users never see them leading to a decrease in AdSense revenues”, he added.

So the question now is: where should you place your ad and which of Google’s display ad sizes are best for your business? The answer is pretty simple, place two ads inside your blog posts (or content) and one outside the post. Keep one 336 x 280 large rectangle ad on the top of the blog post just below the title and place the second ad in the middle of the blog post as a 468 x 60 sized banner. The remaining unit can be placed to the right of your post inside your sidebar.

Position your AdSense ad units as such to not annoy your visitors by popping right in their faces. Instead, perfectly fit inside your content, or in positions that you aim to get more clicks from.

For example, a site that provides file downloads can have an AdSense Ad Unit right near the download link to get a High CTR.

3. Monitor and limit the use of AdSense ad units

Have you tried limiting the use of your AdSense ad units? The biggest difference I myself have noticed is that by reducing the ad units which had the lowest CTR you can quickly and easily increase your AdSense CPC.

What usually happens is if you don’t have enough content to support all the ad units is that lower-paying ads start showing on your websites. This may increase your click-through rate (CTR) and bring in more clicks but because the ads may not be relevant to your website (public advertisements). This results in your CPC falling and your AdSense earnings decreasing. If you are increasing your ad units ultimately you are making it easier for advertisers to be shown on your website meaning an even lower CPC (because of low bids).

Remove the low CTR ad units and replace them with the higher paying ad units which have a higher CTR and your earnings will rise automatically.

Trying these tips for a couple of days will make you notice a real improvement and an important increase in low AdSense CPC.

Google AdSense Custom Channels will be necessary to keep track of things. This will give you a precise and clear idea of the best-performing ad slots. Measure the CTR, CPC, CPM, and earning of every ad unit.

Create custom channels for every ad slot and monitor their performance for at least two weeks to get an idea of things. If you keep changing ad units too often without testing them thoroughly you might get inaccurate results and miss out on better opportunities by placing your ads elsewhere.

How this is going to help in increasing your AdSense CPC?

Remove the low-performing ad units from your website (Compare CTR and final earnings of different units). Google should now serve better ads to other remaining ad slots which are performing well, so your earnings and CPC will increase.

4. Enable both text and image, media-rich ads

Always enable both text and image ads on your websites. Never limit your ad visibility to ‘Only image/media-rich ads‘ or ‘Only text ads‘ as this will lower the bids for advertisers to appear on your website. This directly means low AdSense CPC.

If you enable ‘Both text and image ads‘ AdSense will automatically show the ad with the highest bid on your website which means a higher CPC for you.

In short, the more advertisers that are bidding to appear on your website the higher your AdSense CPC will be.

5. Keywords, keywords, and more keywords!

Try researching to find keywords with ‘High AdSense CPC‘ and a ‘High Search Volume‘. Searched globally using the Google Adwords keyword tool. Search, search and search some more to find specific keywords which have low competition, high CPC, and high search traffic.

After researching you can start creating your website pages, blog posts, and articles on such high-value keywords. Always use these keywords naturally at the beginning, the middle, and the end of your content. It is also very useful to add them to your headings or tags.

Try not to bother with keywords that pay a few cents and those that have a low CPM. Ideally, I would recommend grabbing keywords with a CPC higher than $2.50.

This should be the most important part of your mission. You would never want a page that earns one dollar from five to 10 clicks. Rather you want a page that pulls an impressive four to five dollars out of just two ad clicks, or maybe even $40 dollars out of just eight clicks!

If you don’t concentrate on your keywords, even if you have a lot of traffic you will be wasting it and not earning a substantial amount. Imagine this as handing out money to your own competition! By targeting the right keywords you can make a lot more with a lot less traffic.

Research on the Google keyword tool today and increase your Adsense CPC and earnings.

6. Reduce fraud, accidental, and useless clicks

Do you have an ad unit placed near the top of your content that gets a high CTR? Can this also be because of the awkward location that some people end up clicking on your ad by mistake? When this happens, the visitors often back out or close the ad. This is counted by Google as either an accidental or fraud click.

You may temporarily get earnings from these clicks but they will most probably be reverted due to the low-quality nature of the click.

So always try to minimize any accidental or useless clicks on your AdSense ad units and NEVER ask your friends or family to click on your ads!

Jacob M. is a copywriter, marketing blogger, inbound marketing consultant, and founder of Write Minds. He can be found on Twitter @jmcmillen89.

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Mehr Bilder…

Mit drei Häusern in Murnau und Weilheim ist die Traditionsmarke Echter seit 1899 eine Instanz im bayrischen Seenland. Doch Handel ist Wandel: Das Familienunternehmen hat in Zeiten der Digitalisierung viel Konkurrenz. Als Grundlage für die künftige Ausrichtung der Marke hat Echter auch vor diesem Hintergrund die eigenen Werte geschärft und eine Markenidentität erarbeitet. Aufgabe des Brand Design Teams bei Zeichen & Wunder war es, die neue Strategie mit einem Rebranding sichtbar und spürbar zu machen.

Auf Basis der neuen Markenstrategie entwickelte Zeichen & Wunder ein starkes und zugleich emotionales Erscheinungsbild, das die Historie und Erfahrung in den Bereichen Mode und Wohnaccessoires zitiert und in die Gegenwart übersetzt. Damit kommt auch der charaktervolle Schwung im Logo aus der Schatzkiste der Marke – und wird zum übergreifenden Gestaltungsprinzip. So überträgt sich Echters „Liebe zum Detail” aus der Strategie in jedes Stilelement: vom neuen Schriftmix bis hin zur schwungvollen Icon-Stilistik.

Der Initialbuchstabe des Logos geht auf das historische Echter-Logo zurück, das 1899 von Hand gezeichnet wurde. Die grafische Historie der Traditionsmarke hat hier Fortbestand – die neue Umsetzung des „E-Schwungs” ist jedoch zeitgemäß und modern. Dabei setzen die Designerinnen und Designer von Zeichen & Wunder auf eine selbstähnliche Weiterentwicklung: Die rundliche Formsprache der Typografie schafft eine Verbindung zum aktuellen Schriftzug. Die Glyphe „E“ wird im puristischen Schriftzug zum Eye-Catcher: Der Echter-“E-Schwung” ist dynamisch und individuell. Das sorgt für Wiedererkennung bei den Stammkunden – und begeistert auch eine neue, jüngere Zielgruppe.

Die neue Wortmarke beinhaltet ein erweiterbares Endorsement-Konzept, mit Hilfe dessen die Standorte und Unternehmensbereiche klar und gleichwertig abgebildet werden können. Auch Produktkennzeichnungen oder der Markenzusatz „seit 1899” können in Form einer Subline gespielt werden. Ein flexibler Designbaukasten lässt großen Spielraum für Stilrichtungen und Kampagnen – auf allen Kanälen. Das neue Brand Design verfügt über ein Set an Designelementen, die flexibel miteinander kombiniert werden können, ganz nach dem Prinzip „Layer by Layer”. Als durchgängiges Element strahlt die neue Markenfarbe „Echter-Grün” Hochwertigkeit und Verlässlichkeit aus – und steht damit für das Renommee der Traditionsmarke. Der Farbkanon wird je nach Saison mit immer neuen Farben ergänzt – Anwendungen und Kampagnen sind dadurch immer am Puls der Zeit und erfrischend abwechslungsreich. Die Verbindung von Tradition und Zeitgeist schafft ein lebendiger Schriftmix, der auch in den digitalen Kanälen umgesetzt werden kann.