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Hinter dem Start-Up Naschnatur steckt eine charmante Geschichte: Das Gründerpaar hatte zwar viele Gemeinsamkeiten, doch die Ernährungsweise gehörte nicht dazu. Während Andrea Süßes liebt, verzichtet Markus als ehemaliger Profi-Sportler auf Zucker. Um gemeinsam die süßen Dinge des Lebens genießen zu können, entwickelten die beiden einfach selbst gesunde Naschereien, die natürlich und lecker sind! Die 6 […]


5 Reasons Why a Content Audit Is Useful

If you’re wondering how to move the needle on your website’s performance in search, conducting an SEO content audit is an essential first step.

This systematic review serves as a comprehensive health check for your brand’s online presence, surfacing issues that may be impeding your visibility and uncovering opportunities to make fast gains.

There’s a reason why, according to research from Semrush, 61% of marketers conduct content audits two or more times per year. Actually, there are several reasons!

What is the purpose of a content audit?

A content audit is essentially an SEO analysis of your website that focuses entirely on its content ecosystem, as opposed to technical factors and the like. This process is intended to help organizations manage, consolidate, prune, update, and add content to their website in order to provide a better experience for visitors while sending clearer signals to search engines.

An SEO content audit generally consists of eight primary steps:

  1. Define your goals
  2. Compile a content inventory
  3. Perform Keyword analysis
  4. Assess content quality
  5. Evaluate Internal linking
  6. Check for duplicate content
  7. Perform content gap analysis
  8. Develop an informed content plan

Why is a content audit useful for today’s organizations in a competitive digital environment? Here are some of the key outcomes and benefits that you can achieve by going through this important strategic undertaking.

“Whether your site is massive or tiny, a content audit can help you understand what you have, what you need, what you don’t need, and what actions you can take in the future to make sure your ecosystem of content is contributing to your goals.”

Julia McCoy, Search Engine Land

5 key practical benefits of a content audit

#1. Simplify and improve your site’s user experience.

The most important quality of any business website is that it reflects well on your brand and makes a strong impression on visitors. Many of the same improvements that will enhance your SEO impact – removing low-quality content, streamlining navigation, addressing content gaps – will also create a better experience for the people who arrive on your website.

This makes visitors more likely to explore the depth of your content, and engage with your site more extensively!

#2. Strengthen SEO performance

Of course, bringing more people to your website is a crucial goal alongside engaging them once they arrive. Content audits play a big role here as well, improving your visibility in search by making your site and its pages easier for engines to find, understand, categorize, and contextualize.

These are some of the actions driven by a content audit that can meaningfully impact your website’s SEO performance:

  • Removing duplicate content that makes it harder for your pages to rank
  • Implementing on-page optimizations for key pages
  • Updating pages that are ranking for valuable keywords, but not highly, to move them up on the SERP
  • Consolidating pages on similar topics and keywords to reduce self-cannibalization
  • Identifying content gaps and whitespace to unlock new organic traffic opportunities

53% of marketers say updating their content helped increase engagement, while 49% saw an increase in traffic and/or rankings. (Semrush)

#3. Realign with business goals and priorities

If your company has been in business for any length of time, it’s likely that your messaging, offering, or priorities have shifted. Conducting a content audit helps ensure your website is conducive to meeting your goals and objectives.

This might involve verifying topical authority around critical subjects, assessing relevance to your audience, or evaluating SEO performance against a refreshed keyword glossary.

Content audits are especially useful for this purpose when companies are going through a website migration, a rebrand, or a new product launch.

#4. Maximize conversion opportunities

One thing that companies will often discover during a content audit is that they have pages ranking for terms and driving substantial traffic they were totally unaware of. As a result, these pages aren’t doing nearly as much for the marketing strategy as they could be.

Savvy marketers use this process as an opportunity to revisit these pages and maximize their value, adding new relevant CTAs or cross-linking to key resources.

#5. Ensure content accuracy, consistency and compliance

In order for your content to convey credibility and build trust, it needs to be accurate. But for organizations with a large amount of content on their websites spanning many years, it can be tricky to keep things up to date.

Content audits are a great way to ensure that the brand voice, messaging, and information on your website are consistent while meeting your current viewpoint and guidelines. For example, if your company decided to sunset or rebrand a particular product or service, audits can quickly surface all content referencing it so you can make changes and updates as needed.

For businesses that operate in regulated industries, content audits can also be extremely helpful for remaining compliant, helping you quickly flag and address potential risk points.

Get more out of your content by auditing your website

The biggest overarching benefit of conducting a content audit is that it helps companies get more out of their existing content. So many organizations our agency has worked with are swimming in legacy content, which was often planned and published in different phases, by different people, under different strategies. This can lead to a confusing, inconsistent experience for visitors and search engines alike, impeding both reach and engagement.

Content audits can do wonders for your website and its content ecosystem. Learn about this and other SEO services from TopRank Marketing, and request a free SEO scorecard to start your journey!

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Spring Fever

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LinkedIn B2B Marketing Tips from Top Experts and Insiders (New Data)

The secret behind the LinkedIn algorithm, like the recipe of the original Coca-Cola, is safely guarded. And while we don’t know how either is formulated, we can safely draw conclusions on their components by conducting various experiments. Since this is a B2B marketing agency and not a competing soft drink company, we’ll look to decipher the former.

Unlike the recipe for one of America’s most celebrated soft drinks, the composition of the social network’s building blocks is ever-changing, making it difficult, but not impossible to uncover the strategy for success. To crack the code, the team at Just Connecting analyzed a staggering 1.5 million posts, from 34,000 individual profiles, and over 26,000 company pages, spanning over 50 countries and 25 languages. The results of their research revealed exactly what you need to break through the noise, capture new audiences, and reap all the benefits of being seen on the world’s epicenter for B2B professionals.

As anticipated, the report is comprehensive, covering topics ranging from the most effective formats to the nuances of commenting and everything in between. Here, we’ll delve into what we consider the most impactful data points and insights on crafting a hook, video posts, formatting, Text + Image posts, nurturing, and more.

Break through the feed: Tips for B2B marketers on LinkedIn

Craft a unique hook to pull your audience in

Imagine writing something and no one reading it… ever. Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence for many brands and users of LinkedIn. Imagine if Jonas Salk, the man who developed the first safe and effective vaccine for polio, shared his initial findings on LinkedIn. Very few people would arrive at the point where he revealed his findings if he started his post with several mundane sentences.

While you may not spend years on your work like Jonas, you don’t want your efforts to go unnoticed; ensure the two to three sentences of your LinkedIn text post start strong and capture the reader’s attention – testing proves you can increase reader retention by 30% by doing so.

Take notes: Casey Borrero, Influencer Marketing Strategist at TopRank Marketing, shares the details on crafting an opening and conclusion that gives your audience a reason to keep reading, engaging, and clicking.

Draw viewers in by creating the perfect video post

Visualize this: It’s 2046, and you can create a social video projecting a hologram onto the viewer’s wall. Okay, that might sound invasive and overstimulating, so let’s revert to present day. Despite minimal evolution in video technology over the past decade, there are still innovative ways to engage your audience. Crafting the optimal video post ensures that your behind-the-scenes video production efforts don’t go to waste. Ensure your video is 1-2 minutes long, in vertical format, features an impactful hook, and is uploaded natively.

Need help visualizing the perfect video post? The video below featuring me, Alex White, Social – Influencer Lead at TopRank Marketing, serves as an excellent example of all the components coming together to create an effective piece of media.

Choosing the right format for your content

When will the next George R. R. Martin novel be released? What is the best format for sharing your LinkedIn content? Who closes the door after the bus driver departs? Unfortunately, we only have the answer to one of these questions. While various formats are available, including Text + Image, Text Only, Document (PDF), and Video Posts … Text + Image reigns supreme, promising higher engagement than all other options.

Which format is right for your content? Theresa Dorsey Meis, Content Marketing Manager at TopRank Marketing, shares how matching the post purpose with the right format can boost the amount of engagement you receive on the platform.

Increase reach with Text + Image posts

Do you want to get noticed by the LinkedIn algorithm? As mentioned previously, it’s very keen on Text + Image posts. Using the format to gain reach is akin to using an air horn to get the attention of the staff in a library. It’s called “The Default Post” for a reason, as it provides the best results. It’s no wonder 48% of posts on the platform fall into this category.

Now, you can’t just produce any text and expect great results; no, that would be way too easy. For best performance, your text should range from 900 to 1,200 characters, feature short sentences under twelve words, and avoid using language that comes off as too promotional.

On to images. Have you ever seen a stock image that stopped you in your tracks? Yeah, we haven’t either. There’s much to be gained by sharing personalized photos, including an increase in engagement by up to 45% and stronger authority. Be sure to incorporate brand colors and themes, too, doing so can help with a 15% increase in brand recall. Oh, and avoid screenshots when possible as they generally receive 15% fewer clicks.

Unlock the keys to a great Text + Image post: Josh Nite, Senior Content Marketing Manager at TopRank Marketing, shares the benefits of messaging and images that are unique, original, valuable, and meaningful.

Publish and nourish to see your LinkedIn posts flourish

Remember that rotisserie chicken commercial from the 90s? The one where the star would say “Set it and forget it.” This approach is precisely what you want to avoid with your LinkedIn posts. Far too often, brands and creators set their posts for publishing, only to forget about them, when they should be actively engaging on the platform. The publishing of the post is only the beginning of your journey. For optimal results, you must:

  • Comment on your post: Initiating 2 to 5 comments with further insights or inquiries can further the conversation. (Be sure to do so within the first hour.)
  • Repost on the second day. (Good for an increase of up to 20% in engagement.)
  • Tag your connections in the comments: be sure to alert those who are likely to engage for best results.
  • Show your connections‘ posts some love: 5-10 comments can lead to a 15% increase in your post’s reach.
  • Add a call to action: the previous penalty of providing one appears to be no longer applicable.

Nourishing tips in video format: Debbie Friez, Associate Director, Influencer & Social Media at TopRank Marketing, shares the insights you need to boost your engagement via thoughtful engagement of your own.

The Algorithm Insights 2024 report is just one of many resources you can dig into to improve engagement and reach, and achieve new heights of marketing excellence. But to truly unlock the algorithm, you must use these insights strategically and be sure to utilize all of the platform’s often-overlooked features.

And, let’s not forget the benefits of having a team of marketers who have 20+ years of experience on the platform. Contact us today to see how our social media marketing services can help you increase content reach, drive thought leadership, build an engaged community, and increase your brand’s share of voice.

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