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Join The Next Generation Stock Marketplace

Everyday searches. Extraordinary results.

The essence of a stock marketplace is its ability to deliver the assets you need right at your fingertips – and this is where Adobe Stock offers an experience unlike no other. As part of the world’s largest creative community, Adobe Stock contributors are continuously growing the database by uploading locally rich content on a daily basis.

Let us introduce you to three of our top contributors that you will see a lot more of in the weeks to come.

Meet the talent on Adobe Stock

With a focus on daily life – from stylish interiors to her young family – Berlin-based Anna Cor’s gift for visual storytelling is clear to see. For this artist, exclusive to the Adobe Stock Premium Collection, timing and detail is everything. The strong contrasts and grey undertones of her images create a sense of calm and understated beauty.

Flamingo Images, run by Janni and Stefan Dahl with offices in Copenhagen and Cape Town, focuses on lifestyle, fitness, corporate life and small businesses. “Our shooting style is mostly defined by capturing authentic moments you believe in,” the duo says. Their secret? Clear concepts, detailed planning, tailored model casting and the right locations.

Elsewhere, on the Mediterranean coast, Adobe Stock is working with French photographer Mike Fouque. Born in Marseille, the city is his greatest source of inspiration. With a focus on the region, his portfolio for Studio M is a diverse collection of people and places, from work life and free time to local fishing communities and rolling lavender fields.

Relevant content with a local touch

It is this local focus from international artists that enriches the content breadth of Adobe Stock. By working closely with contributors who understand their field and see their environment in their own unique way, Adobe Stock is able to provide a collection that answers to every image buyers‘ needs.

The diversity of artists from all over the planet results in a multitude of images, colours and styles – from just one keyword comes a world of ideas. With this in mind, we’re embarking on an exciting project: In our next posts we’ll investigate creative interpretations of some of the most popular keywords. Stay tuned!

Discover Adobe Stock

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Join the next generation stock marketplace

Join the next generation stock marketplace

Offering stunning content collections is the obvious – but building technology that takes you to the perfect stock asset quicker than ever is what sets Adobe Stock apart.

Everyday searches – extraordinary results.

Adobe’s experience in storing, managing and processing huge amounts of data directly reflects in Adobe Stock: Powerful artificial intelligence at the heart of the database enhances the search functionalities. You’ll find that your keyword search takes you further, yields better results, and helps you find the right image faster than before.

It doesn’t stop with Keyword search, here are some more innovative search methods: “Visual Search” allows you to drag and drop any image directly into your Adobe Stock page and find similar stock images instantly – it’s a perfect way to find quality stock assets that you may be struggling to describe in words. “Aesthetic Filters” let you search for images with certain degrees of depth of field or vivid colours, simply by moving a slider, allowing for a more precise search.

Moving on and beyond.

Adobe Stock is getting better as we speak – and the more you enjoy it, the better it gets. It’s Smart Search capabilities is powered by machine learning that keeps on improving with every search query. As the largest creative community in the world keeps enriching the database with fresh local content every day, you can always find the content that is perfect for you.

Come and see for yourself: Discover the next generation of stock marketplace – upgrade your Stock today!

Discover Adobe Stock!

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Upgrade your Stock

Care for an upgrade? Good news, ever since Fotolia entered the Adobe family, Adobe has worked its magic and transformed the stock marketplace into a bigger, bolder, better version and you are invited to experience it: Welcome to Adobe Stock.

The next generation stock marketplace.

Adobe has a clear-cut mission: Give creatives what they need by providing them with the perfect tools to tell their story and enable them to share exceptional digital experiences. In this very spirit, Adobe Stock has been designed to answer the need for content in an unprecedented way.

Based on innovation, intelligent technology infrastructure and a vast network of creative minds, Adobe Stock is the re-invention of the image bank: quality stock assets, fresh and locally relevant – accessible in the fastest and most convenient way ever.

Rethinking stock, one asset type at a time.

With Adobe, the largest creative community has entered the realm of stock photography. Fresh, brilliant talented artists from all over the world are now uploading local content to Adobe Stock, growing the database at a rapid pace. And with new high-level collaborations the exclusive Premium Collection of hand-curated images becomes a great source of inspiration for creatives everywhere.

Of course it does not stop at images. Digital experiences demand for such much more, so Adobe Stock also provides a variety of video clips, templates, motion graphic templates and 3D assets.

Discover a whole new stock experience.

Adobe Stock is more than a database: It is the content you need at your fingertips. Relevant assets for every need and innovative ways of finding the perfect one – see for yourself and upgrade your Stock today!

Discover Adobe Stock!

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The One Thing Your Business Can Immediately Take Away from Google I/O

Google I/O conference

The One Thing Your Business Can Immediately Take Away from Google I/O was originally published on BruceClay.com, home of expert search engine optimization tips.

Google leads the world in technological advances that affect the way we live and do business. At the Google I/O developer conference this week, we glimpse a preview of how people will interact with computing in the near future.

Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA, scene of the 2017 Google I/O conference

Kicking off the conference, CEO Sundar Pichai opened a two-hour keynote to a packed audience of developers, tech reporters and others who were joined by viewers in 85 countries watching online to hear what was new from the tech giant, including one overarching announcement:

We have shifted from a mobile first to an AI first world.

This shift into an “artificial intelligence first” world will impact the way customers find your business AND the way you interact with those customers.

Lots of articles no doubt list the many Google feature announcements coming out of the I/O conference. But here, we zero in on something that all business owners should be aware of as we move forward into this AI-powered, machine learning-based new world…

Focus on solving user problems

One thing becomes clear as you watch the tech giant unveil feature after feature: Each new product is designed to solve a problem. You could say this is the key to Google’s success.

During yesterday’s keynote alone, Google announced many coming AI-enabled features that exemplify this problem-solution strategy. Here are just a few.

  • Google Assistant will be much more connected, even allowing people to type their interactions through a phone instead of speaking them — because there are times you don’t want people to overhear what you’re saying.
  • Google Photos is getting Photo Sharing, a new feature that can recognize people in your photo and proactively suggest sending them the file — because people have a problem following through and sharing their photos.
  • Google Visual Positioning Service will be able to guide your indoor movements through a store such as Lowes to help you find what you want — which solves a big problem for visually impaired people, not to mention the rest of us who need help navigating aisles.
  • Google Lens is a fascinating new AI feature that takes visual identification to new heights. In one application, Lens can remove obstructions in front of a subject, such as a chain link fence (see demo tweeted below), and fill in the missing elements — because people want to be able to take better pictures.

Yes, this is a real thing real people at Google are working on. #Googleio2017 pic.twitter.com/vZJqkHBtH3

— Golden Krishna (@goldenkrishna) May 17, 2017

Let’s apply Google strategy to your business. In a nutshell:

“Your greatest opportunities as a business are probably hiding under the cloak of user problems.”
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To find the opportunities awaiting discovery for your own business, ask yourself two questions:

  1. What do people complain about in my industry? Complaints expose problems just waiting for a new product, service or technology to solve. This kind of negative feedback also provides clues for how to best engage your prospective customers.
  2. What is difficult or time-consuming for prospective customers to accomplish today? In addition to listening for pain points, also just observe. Look for processes that everyone just accepts, but which require a lot of time and effort to do.

If your business innovates a solution to a problem, you can make people’s lives or jobs easier, potentially jump ahead of your competition, and grow your business.

But even if you’re not going to invent the next great product, by understanding people’s needs better you can offer solutions more effectively. Your marketing campaigns will ring truer (and have better click-through rates!) if they come from a point of empathy.

Solving people’s problems underlies the majority of Google’s advancements. Make it your business’s mantra, too.

Note: You can watch Google I/O to see various presentations live May 17–19 (check out the schedule here).










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Pinterest in bing

Pinterest Pins sind jetzt in bing.com zu sehen.

Das die bing.com Bildersuche jetzt auch in Pinterest sucht, macht die Plattform sehr attraktiv aus SEO Sicht.

Immer wenn du die bing.com Suche benutzt wirst du auch Bilder von Pinterest sehen.
Einen kleinen Wermutstropfen gibts aber aquch, zur Zeit gibt es dieese Funktion nur für den US Markt, noch.   😉

Durch dieses Feature kann man unter Umständen noch mehr Traffic auf seine Webseite bekommen. Die Keyword suche die durch bing bei Pinterest macht dieses möglich.

Ein kleines Beispiel… Die strickst Topflappen, also bist du ein Topflappenherstellen 😉

  • du erstellst dir ein Topflappen board auf Pinterest was mit Suchmaschinenoptimierten Keywords ausgestattet ist.
  • Bing’S neue Suche trifft dann auch dich bzw dein Pinterest Board, wenn nach Topflappen gesucht wird
  • Man sieht deiner wunderschönen Topflappen und die Suchenden klicken darauf und kommen „automatisch“ auf deine Webseite mit all diesen schönen Produkten die du herstellst.

Und das alles nur, weil du ein paar kleine Suchmaschinen Optimierte Keywords verwendest.