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Adobe MAX

Don’t miss the creative event of the year

Come to MAX to rejuvenate your work, your process, and your own creative journey. MAX is the perfect blend of information and inspiration, practical knowledge, and wild imagination.

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Artist Spolight: Jenue

Alvaro Matas, aka Jenue’s playful portfolio stands out for all the right reasons. His mixed disciplinary creations combine a range of different elements, which he plays with to create fun, yet beautiful 3D images and typography, often morphing the two practises together. His clients have included publications including Wired, the Sunday Times, the Economist, as well as the AIGA and 36 Days of Type projects.

ADOBE STOCK: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your creative background?

Alvaro Matas: Hi my name is Alvaro Matas, I am from Madrid but at the moment am living in London. My artist name is Jenue, a nickname which I chose when I was about 12 years old, a time when I started to become interested in graffiti which I feel opened the door to my own creativity. From the beginning, I had a feeling that I was doing the right thing and now I can see that every step counted towards my development. In the past and still now I feel really excited challenging myself in every piece that I create, to try to achieve my own unique style. Sometimes I wonder if I chose the right path just by chance. This might be true, but if I´m honest I always trusted my gut feelings to guide my decisions. I am primarily a self-taught designer and learnt much of what I know from the internet. This required much dedication on my part as I developed my skills.

AS: How would you describe your style?

AM: My style underwent a long evolution. After painting on walls and feeling excited about different styles of graffiti, my Dad suggested to mix my computer skills with my passion to create. So from graffiti and listening to my Dad´s advice I progressed like so: Graffiti → Editorial Design → Graphic Design → 3D motion design → 3D Illustrations. It was a long journey until I found what I really wanted to do. After this I discovered that I really enjoyed making images in 3D and mixing it with Typography, with a real ´craft´ and in a graphical way. I feel the results sometimes can threaten reality as they are so lifelike despite having a surreal edge. I love to work with complimentary colours and I try to use them all the times I can – it is like my personal rule.

AS: Where do you find your inspiration?

AM: Often on the internet – I spend every day connected and working on client and personal projects, and I enjoy watching art from other artists from all different fields. Personally I love street art, not just graffiti, I mean artists who have a style and bring something fresh and with a really good design compositions, for example the work of Remed, Okuda, Spok, 3ttman among others are really good; they blow my mind. I love too some atypical tattoo artists like Itoyo, Deno, Alemao. As well as these I find some old graphic designers inspiring, where I can feel that the images were purer, such as Julie Le Parc, Kazumasa Nagai, Herbert Bayer.

AS: What’s been your biggest challenge to overcome in the design industry?

AM: My biggest challenge has being started my own studio and getting regular projects.

AS: What are your perceptions of stock images, and do you think the perception is changing?

AM:I think stock images are great for references and for photo manipulation. My overall perception is that with each day it is becoming easier to find the right image and then fast track to Photoshop with it. As well it is super helpful to have stock images to add detail in CGI projects.

AS: What’s been your favorite project to work on to date?

AM: My favourite project is probably the one that I did for AIGA design, that were 5 inspirational quotes with a different look but with a running theme.

A close second is one recently that I just finished for the Camel brand, the art directors were very creative and they asked me to do very inspirational pieces of work.

AS: What are you excited to work on in 2017?

AM: I am excited to make even more 3D craft designs using geometry and symmetry, and mix Photoshop brushes with other programs to achieve new techniques.

AS: What music do you currently listen to whilst working (if any!)?

AM: I listen a lot of music, thanks to streaming software that has unlimited music. Recently I was surprised with the last album of Arca; it was hard to listen to it at the beginning but hard to get tired of it later

AS: What design trends should we be looking out for this year?

AM: I am not sure what exactly is going to be trendy, but definitely you should look at any trend that inspires your mind and brings you excitement enough to create just for the sake of it and makes your life happier.

Find him on Behance, or check out his website.

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Artist Spotlight: Mirae Kim

“There’s no deeper meaning to my work”: Mirae Kim’s refreshingly open claim demonstrates her easy-going and fresh attitude to art. Her sole creative purpose is to enable people to enjoy her art, as well as becoming the artist known for using the color pink the most; two goals that we think she’s well on the way to achieving. As our featured artist for July, we spoke to her to find out more:

ADOBE STOCK: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your creative background?

Hello. I am a Korean graphic designer, Mirae Kim.

I am always a happy person and think positively and I think my personality is expressed in the design. Also, the most important goal of my graphic design is to make people happy.

It is a designer who pursues ‘fun‘ that can be felt instantly rather than having a profound meaning.

There’s no deeper meaning to my work. Just enjoy and have fun! Thank you.

AS: How would you describe your style?

MK: Two elements of ‘fun‘ and ‘happiness‘ are enough.

AS: Where do you find your inspiration?

MK: I’m mostly inspired by interesting situations, conversations with friends, and creative films.

AS: What’s been your biggest challenge to overcome in the design industry?

MK: It is ‘creativity‘.

Because trends change rapidly, finding newness is very important.

It is also important to have a design that makes the viewers remarkable.

AS: What are your perceptions of stock images, and do you think the perception is changing?

MK: It is a very interesting service that can directly sell our works.

Also, there are more interesting works than before.

I think Adobe Stock is the best among stock companies and most active.

AS: What did you like the most about using Adobe Stock?

MK: It’s a trendy ‘Templates‘ section.

Template download using Adobe program is the best.

It is stylish and offers a mock-up file, which is really effective for designers.

AS: What’s been your favorite project to work on to date?

MK: My project is ‘line tennis‘.

It is my favorite project to blend beautiful colors.

AS: What are you excited to work on in 2017?

MK: I was very happy to be selected by 20 remarkable artists in 2017 who were selected by Adobe, and it seems like I have developed myself through working with Adobe Stock.

Mirae’s exclusive piece of artwork created using just Adobe Stock assets

AS: What music do you currently listen to whilst working (if any!)?

MK: Listening to the Jackson 5,‘ ‘I want you back‘.

The moment I hear the song, I feel better.

Michael Jackson is a great artist since he was a child.

A few months ago, I was addicted to the “Guardians of Galaxy” soundtrack and replayed.

AS: What design trends should we be looking out for this year?

MK: Now ‘simplicity‘ is not fun.

I think that the era of design to subtract something seems to be over. Therefore, it is trend to express fun and sophisticated feeling with rich color.

You can see more of Mirae’s work on her Behance portfolio and her website.

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Vasava, the creative laboratory

In broad terms, Vasava is a communications studio headquartered in Barcelona that has become a benchmark in the city for design that often stretches beyond the city limits, where it is welcomed as a guest to the best events of the design world. Founded in 1997 by Toni and Bruno Sellés (father and son), followed a year later by third partner Enric, and therefore forming the perfect and definitive team; a dynamic and multi-disciplinary trio, as reflected in the logo; an inverted triangle with an infinite Escher quality.

They chose the name Vasava, a Hindu deity, for its sound and ability to cross all sensory fields. From the studio’s beginnings, they have shown their own work, like Vasava Leisure, as well as the edition of the books Evophat and 1×1, a graphic investigation into the use of pixels.

But as we were saying, this is just a broad definition, as Vasava really can’t be defined as either a studio or an agency. It combines elements of both but is made up of so much more. We could say that it’s like a laboratory, an anarchic creative space, where these days, a team much larger than the original and made up of people of dissimilar and multi-faceted profiles, cooks up experiments and creations of all types. Their recipes join typography, illustration, interactive design and animation, fundamentally.

The studio’s commercial success resides in the necessity to experiment, to take risks, both at work and at home. Personal and artistic design projects have shown up in books and expositions all over the world. Vasava has put on conferences in Los Angeles and Stockholm, Beijing and Buenos Aires…

This strategy has won it the loyalty and respect of clients like Nike, Hennessy, Adobe, Diesel, 55DSL, Mango, Budweiser, Red Bull, Zara, Tous, FC Barcelona, Louis Vuitton, Variety Magazine, Billboard Magazine and Jay-Z, among others.

It’s also quite common to see the studio’s work show up in magazines and in interviews on the commissioned work being done: they’ve done illustrations for Billboard and Fast Company and covers for Variety. But this portfolio is not only filled with big names, but also includes album sleeves and festival posters, designs for friends and family, because Vasava comprehends the creativity in its totality. They design because they can’t do anything else, all of their lives building for and because of “their creative laboratory”.

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Fotolia presents Adobe Stock

Adobe acquired Fotolia in January 2015 and launched Adobe Stock in June the same year.

At Fotolia, we work hard to give our customers the best stock licensing experience possible. Adobe Stock provides an exceptional experience as well, so we wanted to tell you a little bit about the service in case you haven’t had a chance to check it out:

The Core asset collection in Adobe Stock comes from Fotolia, so you’ll find all the assets you love there. You’ll also find a unique and diverse portfolio of content uploaded from our world-class community of creative professionals.

In addition, Adobe Stock includes the Premium Collection, a hand-selected portfolio of assets from incredible artists and agencies around the world including Stocksy, 500px, and Pond5. You’ll find 4K video, templates, and 3D objects in Adobe Stock as well. And just last week we added even more amazing content — editorial assets — through partnerships with Reuters and USA TODAY.

Adobe Stock is natively integrated within Adobe Creative Cloud, meaning you can search, manage, and license assets from within all your favorite Creative Cloud desktop applications, including Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC.

Adobe recognizes the challenges you face in your day-to-day creative work, so we’ve introduced some great search features to help you find the perfect asset quickly and efficiently. In November 2016, we added Visual Search to Adobe Stock. This feature lets you simply drag any still image into your browser to find similar images. And last week we introduced Aesthetic Filters. This feature gives you an entirely new way to search for images using aesthetic characteristics, the first of which are Depth of Field and Vivid Color.

We think you’re going to love Adobe Stock. But don’t worry — Fotolia isn’t going anywhere. If you have a subscription or you’re a credit buyer, you can continue to purchase assets the way you always have.

Discover Adobe Stock at stock.adobe.com, and get inspired by Adobe Stock tutorials, trends, and contributor stories on the Adobe Stock Facebook and Twitter pages.

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