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Feeling B2B Video Interviews: 5 Top B2B Marketing Insights From #MPB2B Speakers

What do five of today’s leading B2B marketers love about marketing and this year’s big MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2023 event taking place October 4 – 6 in Boston and online?

Our founder Lee Odden took the opportunity to ask these questions and many others to five exceptional B2B marketers who will be speaking during #MPB2B next week, which we’ve gathered together here in our “Feeling B2B” video interview series.

Join Lee as he explores it all with guests Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute and The Tilt, Pam Didner, vice president at Relentless Pursuit, Ahava Leibtag, president at Aha Media Group, Wil Reynolds, vice president of innovation at Seer Interactive, and the one and only Ann Handley, chief content officer at MarketingProfs.

“Feeling B2B” is created by TopRank Marketing in partnership with MarketingProfs B2B Forum, which is slated to feature these five along with more than 150 of the brightest minds in the B2B marketing industry.

Now let’s watch, learn, and get ready for #MPB2B — and be sure to also catch Lee’s own session on Thursday, October 5th at 4:05 p.m. Eastern, presenting “How to Elevate B2B Marketing Results with the Influence Trifecta.”

1 — Joe Pulizzi

In the first of our Feeling B2B interviews, Joe explores what he loves the most about B2B marketing, the connections between live events and content, the top B2B marketing lessons he’s learned during his career, and offers up a preview of his #MPB2B presentation on unconventional approaches to content marketing.

“If we did marketing correctly, if we published the right content to the right person and focused on their needs and pain points, we could truly make a difference in their lives.” — Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi
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Catch Joe’s session at #MPB2B on October 5 at 2:50 p.m. Eastern, exploring “5 Unconventional Content Marketing Approaches.”

Check out the full interview transcription and more in our “B2B Marketing Expert Interview Series: Feeling B2B with Joe Pulizzi #MPB2B” article.

2 — Pam Didner

Watch Pam as she shares with Lee her insight on the importance of emotions and finding joy in B2B marketing, her longtime involvement with #MPB2B, the power of unity in the B2B marketing community, and what she loves about B2B marketing.

“Can you find joy in B2B marketing and find joy in what you do? I think that’s a very important emotion and experience when you do your job.” — Pam Didner @PamDidner
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Catch Pam’s two sessions at #MPB2B, on October 4 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern, exploring “How to Build a Successful GTM Marketing Plan,” and on October 5 at 4:05 p.m. when she’ll show “How to Demonstrate Marketing ROI.”

Check out the full interview transcription and more in our “B2B Marketing Expert Interview Series: Feeling B2B with Pam Didner #MPB2B” article.

3 — Ahava Leibtag

In the third episode of our Feeling B2B video interview series Ahava looks at finding joy in B2B marketing, the nuances that separate B2C from B2B content experiences, the power of using plain language, what she’s looking forward to the most at this year’s #MPB2B event, and much more.

“To me, B2B is a little more layered — it’s a little more nuanced. Also quite frankly, sometimes from a content perspective I find it more challenging.” — Ahava Leibtag @ahaval
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Catch Ahava’s two sessions at #MPB2B, on October 5 at 7:30 a.m. Eastern, exploring “Using Pop Culture in B2B: Expert-Led Roundtables,” and later that day at 10:45 a.m. when she’ll present “Plain Language Is Preferred… Even by PhDs.”

Check out the full interview transcription and more in our “B2B Marketing Expert Interview Series: Feeling B2B with Ahava Leibtag #MPB2B” article.

4 — Wil Reynolds

Watch Wil as he shares his insight on the importance of nurturing, perseverance, and embracing complexity, the parallels between running and marketing, what he loves about B2B marketing, and plenty more.

“What I love about B2B is it makes you have to stretch more as a marketer, to say, ‚How might I be able to answer your questions?‘.” — Wil Reynolds @WilReynolds
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Catch Wil’s session at #MPB2B on October 6 at 8:30 a.m. Eastern, exploring “Houston, We Have a Landing Page Problem—and ChatGPT Might be the Solution.”

Check out the full interview transcription and more in our “B2B Marketing Expert Interview Series: Feeling B2B with Wil Reynolds #MPB2B” article.

5 — Ann Handley

The finale of “Feeling B2B” comes from Ann, who shares her delightful takes on this year’s big #MPB2B event, the integration of generative AI in content creation and her journey through building a relationship with this new tool, what she loves about B2B marketing, and much more.

“I think the evolution of B2B marketing — the way that it constantly challenges us as B2B marketers — is one of the things that truly keeps me engaged and energized.” — Ann Handley @MarketingProfs
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Ann will kick off #MPB2B in style with her not-to-be-missed “Opening Remarks with Ann Handley” on October 5 at 8:30 a.m.

Check out the full interview transcription and more in our “B2B Marketing Expert Interview Series: Feeling B2B with Ann Handley #MPB2B” article.

Get Ready To Start Feeling B2B At #MPB2B

We hope you’ve found plenty of helpful take-aways from our “Feeling B2B” video interview series, and thank Joe, Pam, Ahava, Wil, and Ann for taking the time to share so many insights with us.

To help you get even more out of next week’s stellar #MPB2B event, be sure to also check out Lee’s “Feeling B2B in 2023 – Top 10 Reasons to Attend MarketingProfs B2B Forum,” and we look forward to seeing you at the event.

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Content Marketing World 2023: Make Sure You Catch These 10 Sessions #CMWorld

Andrew Davis

Later this month, marketers from all around the country and globe will converge in Washington D.C. for the 13th annual Content Marketing World.

Thirteen years! Just think about how much has changed in that time – not just in marketing, but in the world at large.

Keeping pace and making sense of all this change is a great reason for professionals to come together each autumn for CMWorld, absorbing the wisdom of expert speakers and connecting personally with fellow practitioners.

A look at the agenda for Content Marketing World 2023 illustrates a clear focus on timely topics and key challenges of the moment. Speakers will dive into top-of-mind items like the role of generative AI, the importance of humanizing content, and the nuances of marketing in tough economic conditions.

Read on for a rundown of 10 sessions taking place at CMWorld that are well worth checking out. (In addition, of course, to Lee Odden’s can’t-miss session at 1:45PM on Wednesday the 27th, where he’ll unpack the fundamentals of marketing with search intent.)

Don’t Miss These Speakers and Sessions at CMWorld 2023

Wednesday Morning Keynote with Beverly Jackson

Who: Beverly Jackson (Vice President of Brand and Product Marketing, Zillow)

When: Wednesday, September 27 | 9:05 am – 9:30 am

Where: CMWorld Keynote Stage

Why: Beverly is a reputed veteran marketing executive with a diverse track record that includes leadership roles at Yahoo!, MGM Resorts, Twitter, and now Zillow. Her perspectives are invaluable.

Prompts Unplugged: A Live Town Hall Experience with AAI*

Who: Ann Handley (Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs) and Andrew Davis (Keynote Speaker &, Author)

When: Wednesday, September 27 | 9:30 am – 10:00 am

Where: CMWorld Keynote Stage

Why: If you’ve ever seen Ann or Andrew on stage before, the answer should be obvious. They are both smart and beyond witty. Seeing the two of them combine forces with a theme that promises to offer a hilarious spin on AI prompting sounds like a pure delight. Andrew’s later session on Artificial Influence will also be worth going out of your way for.


Everyone Thinks They Can Write: 5 Steps for Adding Mystery and Discipline to What You Do So Your Stakeholders Will Leave You Alone to Be a Content Professional

Who: Emily Baker (AVP B2B Content Marketing, General Motors Financial), Brian Hale (Senior Comms Manager, General Motors Financial)

When: Wednesday, September 27 | 11:20 am – 12:00 pm

Where: Room 144

Why: One of the great things about going to CMWorld is being around so many like-minded professionals – people who work in similar roles and experience the same challenges, triumphs … and annoyances. This session theme perfectly captures that element of relatability and resonance; the contents will surely do the same.

7 Lessons from 7 Years (and Many Sleepless Nights) Building a Global Content Strategy

Who: Chloe Thompson (Head of Global Content Strategy & Thought Leadership, Reward Gateway)

When: Wednesday, September 27 | 1:45 pm – 2:25 pm

Where: Room 143

Why: I’m particularly interested in hearing people’s experiences leading and scaling content strategy at a global level. Chloe has done so with excellent results at Reward Gateway, and will share helpful tips around mapping to business value, testing and learning, and adopting a customer-centric lens.

How A Thought Leadership Research Content Program is Helping Autodesk Create a New Category

Who: Stephanie Losee (Director, Executive & ABM Content, Autodesk), Dusty DiMercurio (Senior Director, Industry & Portfolio Marketing, Autodesk)

When: Wednesday, September 27 | 2:35 pm – 3:15 pm

Where: Room 146A

Why: The impact of thought leadership in B2B marketing is well established and undeniable. Same with original and insightful research. As such, it’ll be fascinating to hear Stephanie and Dusty walk the crowd through their strategy at Autodesk that involved transitioning from outsourced research reports to launching an in-house original research publishing function.

The Future of Brand: What’s Next and What It Means for Content Marketing

Who: Dr. Marcus Collins (Clinical Assistant Marketing Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan)

When: Thursday, September 28 | 9:25 am – 10:05 am

Where: Room 147B

Why: Author of the renowned new book For the Culture, Dr. Collins is a foremost authority on branding, and specifically the dynamic influences of culture on marketing. You can watch the interview with ABC News below to catch a glimpse of his eloquence and expertise.

The New AR That Every Business Needs: Authentic Reality

Who: Jenn VandeZande (Head of Digital Engagement, SAP CX), Amber Naslund (Enterprise Sales Leader, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn)

When: Thursday, September 28 | 10:15 am – 10:55 am

Where: Room 152B

Why: Leaders from powerhouse brands speaking on the growing importance of authentic human storytelling, as emerging technologies disrupt content marketing to the core. This is a vital topic in the industry.

How Uber for Business Leverages Content to Accelerate Pipeline

Who: David Fortino (Chief Strategy Officer, NetLine), Arianna Etemadieh (Demand Generation Marketing Lead, US & Canada, Uber for Business)

When: Wednesday, September 27 | 1:05 pm – 1:35 pm

Where: Room 146B

Why: It’s more important than ever for B2B marketers to successfully engage in-market prospects using their content, and Uber for Business’s Arianna Etemadieh and NetLine’s David Fortino will shine a light on getting strategic and translating your content into B2B outcomes.

Headliner Keynote with Elizabeth Banks

Who: Elizabeth Banks (Director)

When: Thursday, September 28 | 12:45pm – 1:45pm

Where: CMWorld Keynote Stage

Why: If you’re looking to bring unconventional creativity and storytelling to your B2B strategy, you can’t miss the headline keynote speaker at this year’s CMWorld. Elizabeth has been involved with some amazingly imaginative Hollywood productions and most recently directed the theatrical absurdity that was Cocaine Bear.

So … What’s Your Impact Story? Telling Human-centric Brand Stories that Move the Needle

Who: Megan Gilbert (Vice President, FORTUNE Brand Studio, Fortune Media), Lauren Chomiuk (Director of Program Management, FORTUNE Brand Studio, Fortune Media)

When: Thursday, September 28 | 1:55 pm – 2:35 pm

Where: Room 152B

Why: Building on the distinct trend of authentic and emotional storytelling, Megan and Lauren will share inside stories of how their award-winning team at FBS helped showcase human impact through visionary and ambitious campaigns.

The Missing Piece of Your Content Strategy (Spoiler: It’s Empathy)

Who: Carmen Collins (Head of Social Marketing, Intuit QuickBooks)

When: Thursday, September 28 | 2:45 pm – 3:25 pm

Where: Room 146B

Why: “Empathy is like confetti, we throw the word around without understanding what it really is.” Carmen promises to get specific in this exploration of the single most powerful tool for B2B content marketing strategies.

Also check out our new list of “Top 50 B2B Content Marketing Influencers and Experts To Follow #CMWorld 2023.”

We’ll see you at Content Marketing World 2023!

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The Magical Black Box

Google’s mission statement is „organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.“

That mission is so profound & so important the associated court documents in their antitrust cases must be withheld from public consumption.

Hey. The full exhibit list just posted in DC federal court for USA vs Google. J/k, they literally posted the numbers of all of the admitted exhibits which would be unsealed in a sane world where public interest is respected even more so because the defendant is insanely powerful. pic.twitter.com/FViD40xVmf— Jason Kint (@jason_kint) September 23, 2023

Before document sharing was disallowed, some of them were shared publicly.

Internal emails stated:

  • Hal Varian was off in his public interviews where he suggested it was the algorithms rather than the amount of data which is prime driver of relevancy.
  • Apple would not get any revshare if there was a user choice screen & must set Google as the default search engine to qualify for any revshare.
  • Google has a policy of being vague about using clickstream data to influence ranking, though they have heavily relied upon clickstream data to influence ranking. Advances in machine learning have made it easier to score content to where the clickstream data had become less important.
  • When Apple Maps launched & Google Maps lost the default position on iOS Google Maps lost 60% of their iOS distribution, and that was with how poorly the Apple Maps roll out went.
  • Google sometimes subverted their typical auction dynamics and would flip the order of the top 2 ads to boost ad revenues.
  • Google had a policy of „shaking the cushions“ to hit the quarterly numbers by changing advertiser ad prices without informing advertisers that they’d be competing in a rigged auction with artificially manipulated shill bids from the auctioneer competing against them.

When Google talked about hitting the quarterly numbers with shaking the cusions the 5% number which was shared skewed a bit low:

For a brand campaign focused on a niche product, she said the average CPC at $11.74 surged to $25.85 over the last six months, amounting to a 108% increase. However, there wasn’t an incremental return on sales.

“The level to which [price manipulations] happens is what we don’t know,” said Yang. “It’s shady business practices because there’s no regulation. They regulate themselves.”

The amount Google is paying Apple to be the default search provider is staggering.

What is $18 billion / year buying ? The DoJ has narrowed in an agreement not to compete between Apple and Google: „Sanford Bernstein estimates Google will pay Apple between $18 billion and $19 billion this year for default search status“ https://t.co/HmoZxCZkqm— Tim Wu (@superwuster) September 22, 2023

Tens of billions of dollars is a huge payday. No way Google would hyper-optimize other aspects of their business (locating data centers near dams, prohibiting use of credit card payments for large advertisers, cutting away ad agency management fees, buying Android, launching Chrome, using broken HTML on YouTube to make it render slowly on Firefox & Microsoft Edge to push Chrome distribution, all the dirty stuff Google did to violate user privacy with overriding Safari cookies, buying DoubleClick, stealing the ad spend from banned publishers rather than rebating it to advertisers, creating a proprietary version of HTML & force ranking it above other results to stop header bidding, & then routing around their internal firewall on display ads to give their house ads the advantage in their ad auctions, etc etc etc) and then just throw over a billion dollars a month needlessly at a syndication partner.

For perspective on the scale of those payments consider that it wasn’t that long ago Yahoo! was considered a big player in search and Apollo bought Yahoo! plus AOL from Verizon for about $5 billion.

This is right — Google was once an extraordinary product, but over time became stagnant & too grabby of random revenue as it ate its ecosystem. Makes it the right time to force Google to try and compete without reaching for its bribery checkbook
https://t.co/gDhtDMjfo0— Tim Wu (@superwuster) September 22, 2023

If Google loses this lawsuit and the payments to Apple are declared illegal, that would be a huge revenue (and profit) hit for Apple. Apple would be forced to roll out their own search engine. This would cut away at least 30% of the search market from Google & it would give publishers another distribution channel. Most likely Apple Search would launch with a lower ad density than Google has for short term PR purposes & publishers would have a year or two of enhanced distribution before Apple’s ad load matched Google’s ad load.

It is hard to overstate how strong Apple’s brand is. For many people the cell phone is like a family member. I recently went to upgrade my phone and Apple’s local store closed early in the evening at 8pm. The next day when they opened at 10 there was a line to wait in to enter the store, like someone was trying to get concert tickets. Each privacy snafu from Google helps strengthen Apple’s relative brand position.

While Google’s marketshare is rock solid, the number of search engines available has increased significantly over the past few years. Not only is there Bing and DuckDuckGo but the tail is longer than it was a few years back. In addition to regional players like Baidu and Yandex there’s now Brave Search, Mojeek, Qwant, Yep, and You. GigaBlast and Neeva went away, but anything that prohibits selling defaults to a company with over 90% marketshare will likely lead to dozens more players joining the search game.

Search traffic will remain lucrative for whoever can capture it, as no matter how much Google tries to obfuscate marketing data the search query reflects the intent of the end user.

Wow. Google. Years behind other browsers (aka monopoly power), Google is attempting to deprecate tracking system A (aka third party cookies) and replace it with another tracking system B (aka Topics) that treats sites as G data mules.

This is deceptive as hell comparing B to A. pic.twitter.com/hCBJgYr7qn— Jason Kint (@jason_kint) September 22, 2023


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Elevate B2B Marketing News Weekly Roundup: Experiences Drive Brand Success, New Dall-E 3, & X’s Paid Future

2023 September 22 statistics image

B2B Content Promotion in 2023: Channel and Format Trends [Report]
97.7 percent of B2B content marketers used LinkedIn to amplify their organization’s content during 2023 — up 4.7 percent from 2022, with 67.4 percent using Twitter/X having — an 18.6 percent decrease, while the leading content types being promoted were blogs, social media, video, white papers, and case studies — three of numerous findings of interest to B2B marketers contained in newly-published report data. MarketingProfs

“Content marketers, particularly in the B2B space, absolutely must be in that precious 25.6% minority who set aside more than 4 hours a week to promote their content.” — @Mike_Allton of @Agorapulse
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Almost 9 in 10 CMOs Around the World Agree That Brands Are Built Through Experiences
48 percent of CMOs and senior marketers have said that during 2023 technology that enhances the brand idea helps drive a great brand experience — up from 34 percent in 2022, while interface innovation, powerful ideas, and smart personalization rounded out the list of top methods for achieving top brand experiences, according to recently-released survey data. MarketingCharts

OpenAI unveils Dall-E 3, latest version of its text-to-image tool
The latest incarnation of OpenAI’s image-generation technology Dall-E 3 features numerous improvements including more accurate image creation — especially when it comes to the inclusion of text — along with several new safeguards against undesirable content, the OpenAI group recently announced. Reuters

YouTube Adds New Clips Insights to Further Inform Content Strategy
With its newest YouTube Studio feature, Google’s YouTube now lets users see data about the clips that have been created from their videos, offering brands and marketers new insight into those portions of video content that are resonating the most with audiences, YouTube recently announced. Social Media Today

Google announces new Bard features as traffic continues to lag ChatGPT
Google has updated its Bard generative AI offering, including the addition of Bard Extensions for better integration with an array of other Google services, along with a search comparison feature that lets users see how Bard’s AI-driven output differs from that of the firm’s traditional search, Google recently shared. Reuters

3 Important Social Media Trends of Note for 2023 [LinkedIn Usage Poll]
43 percent of respondents to a recent social media poll have said that they were spending significantly more time on the LinkedIn social platform during 2023, with 36 percent noting that they have spent somewhat more time on the professional platform, with a scant 15 percent indicating they were spending less time on LinkedIn, according to recently-published survey data of interest to B2B marketers. Social Media Today

Organizations‘ Generative AI Use Most Prevalent in Marketing and Sales
14 percent of professionals in sales and marketing have said that they are regularly using generative AI — the leading job function doing so among organizations, with 13 percent of those in product or service development doing so, followed by 10 percent of those in service operations, according to newly-published generative AI usage survey data of interest to digital marketers. MarketingCharts

Elon Musk says Twitter, now X, is moving to monthly subscription fees and has 550 million users
The head of the business formerly known as Twitter and now known as X has said that the social media platform will move towards making X a subscription-based service, while also noting that the platform has some 550 million monthly users, X recently announced. CNBC

Meta is expanding its verification program to businesses
After a period of testing, Facebook and Instagram parent firm Meta has begun rolling out an updated Meta Verified program that allows brands using its two primary platforms to subscribe to a verification program that offers check-mark badging, protection against impersonation accounts, along with greater published content reach, Meta recently announced. TechCrunch

X Is Testing an Expanded Profile Bio Section to Provide More User Context
X has begun tests that aim to provide more robust biography information to brands using the platform, expanding on the limited brand biography options Twitter has had since its inception, likely to be tied into the firm’s forthcoming subscription plan offerings. Social Media Today


2023 September 22 Marketoonist Comic

A lighthearted look at “Productively Unproductive” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

New iPhone 15 Includes 12 Animal Sounds And Colorful Lever — The Onion


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  • Lee Odden / TopRank Marketing — Feeling B2B with Pam Didner: A B2B Marketing Expert Interview — MarketingProfs
  • TopRank Marketing — How to Find Influencers on LinkedIn Who Match Your Brand — LinkedIn (client)


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Learn more about TopRank Marketing‘s mission to help elevate the B2B marketing industry.

Have you uncovered your own top B2B marketing news item we haven’t yet covered? If so, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments below.

Thank you for joining us for this week’s Elevate B2B Marketing News, and we hope you will return again next Friday for another array of the most up-to-date and relevant B2B and digital marketing industry news. In the meantime, you can follow us on our LinkedIn page, or at @toprank on Twitter for even more timely daily news.

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Top 50 B2B Content Marketing Influencers and Experts To Follow #CMWorld 2023

See Lee Odden speaking at Content Marketing World 2023 image

Content Marketing World 2023 takes place September 26 – 28 both in-person in Washington, D.C. and online, and as the biggest content marketing conference in the world, CMWorld annually brings together a fantastic group of top-notch professionals sharing their curiosity for future trends, marketing insight, and aspirations for elevating the industry.

For the past 15 years top marketers from the world over have gathered for one of the world’s most comprehensive content marketing events, and this year’s Content Marketing World returns again for expanded networking and learning.

Readers of our blog know we have a longstanding history with the conference starting at the very beginning, with 13 years of speaking and attending along with eight years during which we partnered with the Content Marketing Institute to develop speaker and influencer content marketing campaigns.

A favorite classic TopRank Marketing tradition that has been imitated in recent years but never duplicated is our annual list of content marketing experts to follow — a helpful compilation extracted from top industry leaders and the hundreds of fantastic #CMWorld 2023 speakers.

List Methodology: For this list we utilized the Traackr influencer marketing platform to measure resonance surrounding the topic of content marketing.

Many thanks go to all the people who are actively sharing knowledge about content marketing in 2023 by engaging and working to elevate others with insight and expertise on the social web. This list is just a starting point to help expand your own content marketing learning.

In this year’s list there are plenty of familiar faces along with many new additions. We expect to learn new lessons from each of these 50 content marketing influencers, and hope that you’ll do the same throughout the rest of the year and into 2024 and beyond.

We extend special thanks to Stephanie Stahl, who as general manager of Content Marketing Institute has passionately continued on the ambitious mission of CMI founder Joe Pulizzi.

Stephanie Stahl
Stephanie Stahl @EditorStahl
General Manager, Content Marketing Institute

Now let’s jump right in with this year’s list of 50 top content marketers to follow and learn from.

Top 50 Content Marketing Influencers To Follow

Ann Handley
Ann Handley @marketingprofs
Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

Joe Pulizzi
Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi
Founder, The Tilt

Andy Crestodina
Andy Crestodina @crestodina
Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Orbit Media Studios

Deane Barker
Deane Barker @deane_barker
Global Director of Content Management, Optimizely

Joanne Sweeney
Joanne Sweeney @JSTweetsDigital
CEO, Public Sector Marketing Institute

Mike Allton
Mike Allton @mike_allton
Head of Strategic Partnerships, Agorapulse

Marcus Collins
Marcus Collins @marctothec
Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Michigan – Stephen M. Ross School of Business

Amber Naslund
Amber Naslund @AmberCadabra
Enterprise Sales Leader, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn*

Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson @DKThomp
Writer & Editor, The Atlantic

Avinash Kaushik
Avinash Kaushik @avinash
Chief Strategy Officer, Croud

Melanie Deziel
Melanie Deziel @mdeziel
Speaker & Consultant, StoryFuel

Dennis Shiao
Dennis Shiao @dshiao
Founder and Head of Retention, Attention Retention

Lee Odden
Lee Odden @LeeOdden
Founder and Board Advisor, TopRank Marketing

Beverly Jackson
Beverly Jackson @BevJac
Vice President of Brand and Product Marketing, Zillow

Marcus Sheridan
Marcus Sheridan @TheSalesLion
Owner and Partner, IMPACT

Mariah Obiedzinski
Mariah Obiedzinski @MariahWrites
AVP of Content Marketing, Stamats

Meghan Keaney Anderson
Meghan Keaney Anderson @meghkeaney
Vice President of Marketing, Jasper

Michael Barber
Michael Barber @michaeljbarber
Vice President of Marketing, Charter School Capital

Andrew Hanelly
Andrew Hanelly @hanelly
Chief Strategy Officer, Revmade

Ann Gynn
Ann Gynn @anngynn
Principal Consultant, G Force Communication

Christopher S. Penn
Christopher Penn @cspenn
Chief Data Scientist, Trust Insights

Melissa Breker
Melissa Breker @melissabreker
Digital Transformation Leadership Coach and Founder, Breker Group Consulting

Jay Acunzo
Jay Acunzo @jayacunzo
Co-Founder, Creator Kitchen

Amy Balliett
Amy Balliett @AmyBalliett
Senior Fellow of Visual Strategy, Material

Stephanie Losee
Stephanie Losee @slosee
Director, Executive & ABM Content, Autodesk

Michelle Garrett
Michelle Garrett @PRisUs
Public Relations Consultant, Garrett Public Relations

Pierre DeBois
Pierre DeBois @ZimanaAnalytics
Founder and CEO, Zimana

Zontee Hou
Zontee Hou @ZonteeHou
Head of Strategy, Convince & Convert

Bert van Loon
Bert van Loon @bertvanloon
Co-Founder, Content Marketing Fast Forward

Pam Didner
Pam Didner @pamdidner
B2B Marketing Consultant, Relentless Pursuit

Nancy Harhut
Nancy Harhut @nharhut
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, HBT Marketing

Amy Higgins
Amy Higgins @amywhiggins
Director, Content Strategy, Lyra Health

Sydni Craig-Hart
Sydni Craig-Hart @SydniCraigHart
CEO, Smart Simple Marketing

AJ Wilcox
AJ Wilcox @wilcoxaj
Founder and CEO, B2Linked

Carmen Hill
Carmen Hill @carmenhill
Principal Content Strategist & Writer, Chill Content

Wil Hart
Wil Hart @wilbhart
Co-Founder, Smart Simple Marketing

Christine Michel Carter
Christine Michel Carter @cmichelcarter
Director of Content Marketing Strategy, Lexia Learning

Val Swisher
Val Swisher @valswisher
Founder and CEO, Content Rules, Inc.

Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis @DrewDavisHere
Keynote Speaker and Author, Monumental Shift

Ahava Leibtag
Ahava Leibtag @ahaval
President, Aha Media Group

Bernie Borges
Bernie Borges @bernieborges
Vice President Global Content Marketing, iQor

Carlijn Postma
Carlijn Postma @carlijnpostma
Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur, Carlijn Postma — Binge Marketing

Michael Brenner
Michael Brenner @Brennermichael
CEO, Marketing Insider Group

Mark Bornstein
Mark Bornstein @4markb
Vice President, Marketing and Chief Evangelist, On24

Dusty DiMercurio
Dusty DiMercurio @dustycd
Senior Director, Industry & Portfolio Marketing, Autodesk

Wendy Covey
Wendy Covey @wendycovey
CEO and Co-Founder, TREW Marketing

Dan Cafiero
Dan Cafiero LinkedIn
Senior Program Manager, Account Based Marketing and Paid Media, Seagate Technology

Robert Rose
Robert Rose @Robert_Rose
Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute

David Fortino
David Fortino @David__Fortino
Chief Strategy Officer, NetLine*

Liz Willits
Liz Willits @lizwillits
Founder and Owner, Content Phenom

Jacqueline Loch
Jacqueline Loch @jacquelineloch
EVP Social + Emerging Platforms, SJC Communications

We Hope To See You At Content Marketing World 2023

50 B2B content marketers to follow in 2023 featured image collage

Using the most detailed statistical analysis — no matter how comprehensive and well-researched — can only take you so far in finding the people who you’ll consider the most relevant and influential in your own daily professional marketing lives, which is why we’d love it if you’d share the names of other content marketers that influence you in the comments section below or on our social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter/X, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

To further your own content marketing expertise, here’s a bonus list of some of our top recent posts about content marketing:

If you’d like to learn more about optimizing B2B content for search intent, you’re in luck, as our co-founder Lee Odden will be presenting at Content Marketing World on the topic. Here are the details about Lee’s session:

Wednesday, September 27 – 1:45pm Eastern
Workshop with Lee Odden
Presenting: You’re Doing SEO All Wrong: How to Optimize Content for Search Intent.

We hope to see you either in-person or virtually at the exciting Content Marketing World 2023 conference, and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @TopRank for real-time updates during the conference using the #CMWorld hashtag.

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